How to prevent Vitamin C deficiency

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Picture: Pixabay

A balanced meal is what we need to keep us healthy and happening. But often, due to work pressure and family demands, we forget to do just that. Grabbing a bite on the go, opting for fast food during work hours, and other lifestyle habits make us unwell because our body then starts missing out on essential nutrients – which are primarily vitamins and minerals.

One such essential nutrient is Vitamin C – the vitamin that the human body cannot synthesise on its own. And so, we are dependent on outside dietary supplements to replete the required quota of Vitamin C in our body. According to medical practitioners, the Recommended Daily Intake for vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

So, how do you figure out one is suffering from Vitamin C deficiency?

Some of the most common signs are

·Reddish hair follicles; bump on the skin

·Spoon-shaped fingernails with red spots or lines on them

·Dull looking dry skin

·Painful, swollen joints, easy bruising

·And last, but not the least, the painful scurvy

Natural sources of Vitamin C

Papaya, broccoli, coriander, guava, bell pepper (Shimla mirch), lychee, lemon, orange, strawberry are all rich in Vitamin C. And since this vitamin breaks down when exposed to heat, consuming it raw is better. So, simply by eating eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, one can ensure the required amount of Vitamin C reaches the body.

One can even go for supplements and fortified foods, but those are extreme steps. Maintaining a healthy exercising routine, and eating healthy food is enough to keep the body and mind in great condition.