Cold & Cough: 5 mistakes

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Why is your cold not going away

If you are sniffling as you read this, you are not alone. We are in the middle of the flu season and it is not uncommon to find people sniffling and coughing all around. With sneezing co-workers and germ-laden rides on the public transport, even the slightest tickle in your throat could be a sign that you are coming down with a cold.

Check for these 5 mistakes

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a typical common cold lasts about 7 to 10 days. However, it is not always the case. There are times you might be stuck with a lingering case of sniffles. If you too are tired of the runny nose and the raspy cough, check for these five mistakes.

1 Your sleep-cycle has gone for a toss

A lot of people ignore the importance of catching a goodnight’s sleep. However thanks to our increasingly busy lifestyle, it gets really difficult to get enough rest. If you are battling a nagging case of cold, maybe you need to give your body enough time to recover. Make it a point to hit the sheets on time every night and keep the gadgets away. You need to rest to fight the cold.

2 You are not eating well

When you feel down and out, it is natural to reach out for comfort food. However instead of reaching out for chips and chocolates, when you are coughing, stick to a balanced diet. Sweets are known to aggravate the symptoms of cold and cough as they can suppress the immune system.

3 You are taking antibiotics

It is important to understand that antibiotics only work on diseases which are caused by bacteria. The common cold, on the other hand, is caused by viruses and antibiotics do not affect them.

If you feel that your cold has progressed into another serious infection like the chest infection, it is still strongly advisable to consult a doctor before popping any pill. Remember, if you take antibiotics when your body does not need it, you may also develop antibiotic resistance.

4 You are too stressed​

If you are constantly on your toes and trying really hard to balance your work and life, it could be wreaking havoc on your immune system. When you are really stressed, your body is not able to battle the viruses that cause the common cold.

5 You are not drinking enough water

Thanks to the over-the-counter medications, running nose and fever, your body loses a lot of fluid when you catch a cold and cough. Hence, it is important to drink plenty of water to help the body flush out the toxins. It also helps in lubrication of mucus present in your nose.