Can you increase your height?

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Can you increase your height? We tell you the truth

Is there really something that you can do about your height or is it all genetic? We know of many people who take supplements, medicines and what not to increase their height. But does any of this really work? We tell you the truth:

There are several factors that contribute to overall height, in which genetic factors play 60 – 80 per cent role. Other factors including nutrition and exercise contribute for the rest of the percentage.

1 ​Height increased per year

On an average, between the age of 1 and puberty, most people’s height increase by 2 inches every year. Once you hit puberty, the height might increase 4 inches per year. However, every person is different and grows at a different pace.

In case of girls, height increases drastically as soon as they hit teenage, while for boys, it increases suddenly during the end of their teens. One generally stops growing taller after they go through puberty, which means for adults it’s very unlikely that your height will increase.

But there are certain things that you can do through your adolescence to ensure that your height increases to its maximum potential.

2 ​Eating a well-balanced diet

During the growing years, it’s important that you get all the nutrients your body needs for its optimal growth and well being. Your diet should include fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, proteins, whole grains and dairy. You should avoid or limit the consumption of sugar, trans fat and saturated fats.

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3 ​Use supplements carefully

There are very few cases where supplements can help increase height in children. For example, if you are suffering from a condition that affects your human growth production, your doctor might prescribe you a supplement containing synthetic HGH.

You should avoid taking any random supplement that promises to increase your height. This is because once your growth plates become fused together, there is nothing that can increase your height, regardless of what supplement you take.

4 Get enough sleep

Not sleeping properly occasionally won’t affect your height in the long run. But if you don’t get proper sleep during your adolescence, it might lead to complications.

This is because your body releases HGH when you sleep and not sleeping can reduce the levels of HGH.

5 Do not skip exercising

Regular exercise has multiple health benefits. It helps strengthen your muscles and bones, helps you maintain a healthy weight and promotes the production of HGH.

6 ​Practice the right posture

Poor posture can make you look shorter than you are. And with time slouching and slumping can also affect your actual height. Being careful about the way you stand, sit and sleep is the key.

You can also practice exercises to improve your posture. You can also try some yoga pose like mountain pose, cobra pose, child’s pose and warrior II pose that can help you stand taller.