Many hospitals may lose licence: Clinical Act

The draft regulations for the Clinical Establishment Act may result in cancellation of registration of many hospitals and diagnostic centres.

Picture: Pixabay

HYDERABAD: The draft regulations for implementation of the Clinical Establishment Act have been drawn up by a state-level committee, which may result in cancellation of registration of many hospitals and diagnostic centres.

Draft Rules

The draft rules seek to fill in a number of grey areas that allow hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centres to flout norms.

These regulations have been prepared in consultation with government and private hospitals.

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Key Rule

One of the key rules is to put up a board in all the hospitals, displaying fee for various treatments.

All the diagnostic centres, which so far did not have uniform pricing structure or uniform testing method, will have to follow these regulations.


The dimensions and space requirement for running a clinic have also been laid down in the draft rules.

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Reception and waiting room

As per the rules, reception and waiting room in a clinic should be at least 35 sqft.

Doctor’s room

Also, the doctor’s consultancy room is required to be at least 10 sqft in size, as per the minimum standards prescribed.

“Several hospitals and nursing homes are mushrooming and many have ignored the existing regulations.

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Apart from lack of infrastructure, the quality of services is also compromised due to lack of experienced medical staff.

The central government had introduced the Clinical Establishment Act and it was approved by Telangana government it the Assembly.

As the state governments are free to formulate regulations, a state-level committee has now finalised the necessary provisions for implementation of the Act.

The orders will issued soon,” said a highly placed source in state health department.

The hospitals will be divided into four categories for the implementation of the new rules, specifying infrastructure, equipment, medicines, staff and quality of services.

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