8 things that can lead to high BP

Almost 30 per cent (one in every three adults) people suffer from hypertension.

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Everyday things that can lead to high blood pressure (BP)

Almost 30 per cent (one in every three adults) people suffer from hypertension.

People as young as 25 are getting diagnosed with hypertension and the situation is clearly alarming.

High blood pressure is a lifestyle disease that can lead to not one but many other diseases.

With our schedules getting busier and lifestyles getting worse, we really need to be careful in order not to fall prey to this most common health issue.

In order to save yourself, you need to know what exactly causes hypertension.

What exactly is high blood pressure?

Every time your heart beats, it pushes blood, oxygen and nutrients to all your body through the arteries.

When your blood pressure is over 140/90 mmHg, your heart has to work harder, which over time can result in damaged arteries and increased risk of heart disease.

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Here are the most common reasons that can lead to hypertension:

1 – You keep sitting the entire day

Your nine-to-five desk job is the primary reason that you are at the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Sitting for longer hours promotes fat storage and weight gain, which ultimately leads to high blood pressure.

Your heart is like a muscle, the less you get it working and pumping, the less effective it will become over time.

Sitting while reading this? It’s time to get moving.

What you can do

Aim for at least one hour of physical activity for six days in a week.

Try to include some cardio exercises like swimming, running, walking and cycling, which will help you in the long run in keeping your blood pressure in check.

2 – Overdoing alcohol

We know weekends are meant for unwinding and partying.

But if you are grabbing one glass after the other every day to unwind after work, you are at risk.

Excess alcohol can increase your risk of getting high blood pressure.

What you can do

Drink, but only in moderation and follow it up with days of detox.

3 – Eating a lot of salt

How quickly we finish a packet of chips or that pre-packed sandwich?

You might now know, these foods are full of sodium and your kidneys react to them by retaining water.

This makes your body end up with too many fluids running through the bloodstream, which increases the blood pressure on your blood vessels.

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What you can do

Avoid processed foods as much as you can and do not add extra salt to your already cooked meals.

According to the World Health Organisation, adults should not have more than 5 grams of salt per day.

4 – Certain medications

How many people in your house are on regular medication for some problem or the other?

Some of the medications clearly indicate increased blood pressure as a possible side effect.

Some anti-inflammatory, decongestants, antidepressants and hormonal birth control pills can raise your risk of getting high blood pressure by making your body retain water or by constricting your blood vessels.

What you can do

Before you decide to make certain recommended medication a part of your daily life, talk to your doctor about the possible health risks and what you can do to minimise them.

5 – Stress

Who is not stressed today?

From school going kids to working elderly, everyone is under certain pressure and feels stressed.

Stress causes your adrenal glands to pump out blood pressure increasing hormones.

The body’s natural fight to flight response causes your blood vessels to contract.

The longer you are stressed, the more you put your heart at risk.

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What you can do

Indulge in regular exercise and meditation.

While everyone gets stressed from time to time, it’s important to find a way to stay calm and relaxed.

6 – Family history of hypertension

If either of your parents has high blood pressure, your chances of getting it are a lot higher.

Heart diseases and high blood pressure have a major role to play when it comes to genetics.

What you can do

While you can’t change your genetics, you can talk to your doctor and take precautionary steps before the problem arises.

7 – Smoking (even occasionally)

Even if you do not smoke on a regular basis, the occasional cigarette can also increase your risk of getting high blood pressure.

You will be surprised to know that nicotine even from one cigarette can cause your blood vessels to narrow temporarily.

Not just this, tobacco damages the cells of which the blood vessels are made of.

What you can do

Say no to smoking at all costs.

8 – Not eating enough vegetables and fruits

You are what you eat.

And not feeding your body enough vegetables and fruits can make you prone to multiple health problems.

The antioxidants from fruits and vegetables can help treat certain health problems naturally.

What you can do

Focus on a healthy and balanced diet.

Try to include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats in your daily meals for a healthier heart.

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