FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-2)

FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-2)

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FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-2)

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Continued from …… FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-1)

Q21.   What are the storage conditions of whole human blood?

Ans:    It should be stored at the temperature 40 to 60 C
(The temperature of whole human blood is mentioned as 40 to 60 C in Drugs Act whereas 20 to 80 C is mentioned in IP, but we should follow Drugs Act)

Q22.   Can blood bag containing blood be kept in ice for maintaining temperature?

Ans:    No, it cannot be frozen at any stage and ice should not be come in direct contact with Blood unit.

Q23.      What is the storage condition of Concentrated Human Red Blood Corpuscles I.P. (RBC)?

Ans:    The storage condition is 20 to 60 c ( as per Drug Act).

Q24.     What is the temperature to be maintained in component area?

Ans:    The temperature should be 200 to 250 c

Q25.    What is the temperature for maintaining kits?

Ans:       The temperature should be 20 to 8 0 c

Q26.    When Rapid test introduced in India for testing of Hepatitis and HIV-I & II?

Ans:    On 21 December 2001 (GSR No. 733 (E) dated 21 December 2005).

To read or download the notification GSR No. 733 (E) dated 21 December 2005, click here

Q27.   When test for Hepatitis B & C for blood made mandatory ?

Ans:    29 January 2001 (GSR No. 40 (E) dated 29 January 2001) w.e.f. 01.06.2001.

To read or download the notification GSR No. 40 (E) dated 29 January 2001, click here

Q28.  Which other kits are notified as Drug in the year 2002?

1. In-Vitro Blood Grouping Sera.
2.  In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices for HIV, HbsAg and HCV
(GSR No. 600 (E) dated 27.08.2002 w.e.f. 01.09.2002)

To read or download the notification GSR No. 600 (E) dated 27.08.2002, click here

Q29.   How much CPDA solution is required in blood bag?

Ans:    14 ml CPDA solution is required for 100 ml blood to maintain ISO tonicity.

Q30.   What are the minimum documents for applying renewal of the blood centre license?

1. Form-27 C.
2. Challan of Rs 7500.
3.  Affidavits of authorised persons / technical staff.
4. Undertaking regarding no change in constitution, premises / building, BTO, technical staff etc.

Q31.   Can blood be transferred from one blood centre to other?

Ans:    Yes, vide govt. notification no. GSR 328 (E) dated 03.04.2017.

To read or download Notification No. GSR 328 (E) dated 03-04-2017, click here

Note: Certain conditions given in Drugs Act must be followed while transferring of blood

Q32.   Can private blood centre is authorised to organize blood donation camp?

Ans:    Yes, vide govt. notification no. GSR 328 (E) dated 03.04.2017 (except for the previously licensed stand alone Blood Centres). Blood donation camp can be organised after the permission from the Red Cross and Civil Surgeon of the district. The blood donation camp must comply the provisions of schedule F part XII of 888.
To know about requirements for blood donation camp, click here.

Q33.   For how much time blood centre is required to keep records?

Ans:    5 years.

Q34.   What should be the colours of labels of the blood groups?

Ans:    Blood Group                                     Colour of the Label
           O                                                         Blue
            A                                                         Yellow
            B                                                          Pink   
            AB                                                       White

Q35.   What is NAT test?

Ans:    NAT test is called as Nucleic Acid Amplification test which is not mandatory to be tested for blood.

Q36.   Whether plasma can be supplied for making plasma products?

Ans:    Yes, under Plasma policy.

Q37.   What is the difference between the blood components and blood products?

Ans:    Blood components are obtained after subjecting whole human blood to physical separation or processing. Blood products are manufactured from blood by pooling of blood.

Q38.   What is the expiry date of the Whole human blood?

Ans:    35 days if collected in CPDA solution bag. It should be stored at the temperature 40 to 60 C. The expiry date is given in Schedule P of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.

Q39.   What about cross matching report of blood ?

Ans:    Blood bank must issue the cross matching report of the blood and it must be given along with blood unit.

Q40.   What are the record to be maintained by the Blood centre?

1. Blood Donor record.
2. Master records for blood and its components
3. Issue register.
4. Records of components supplied.
5. Records of A.C.D. / C.P.D. / CPD-A / SAGM.
6. Register for diagnostic kits and reagents used.
7. Cross matching record of the blood.
8. Transfusion adverse reaction records
9. Records of purchase, use and stock of disposable needles, syringes, blood bags.


To know about requirements for blood donation camp, click here.

To know about operation of blood storage centre, click here.


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