FAQs – on Cosmetics (Series-1)

Frequently asked questions – on Cosmetics (Series-1)

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FAQs – on Cosmetics (Series-1)

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Q. 1     Who issue cosmetics manufacturing license for sale?

Ans:    State Drugs Controller (SDC) / State Licensing authority (SLA) of the State.

Q. 2     What is the qualification of technical person for manufacturing of cosmetics?

Ans:    Diploma in Pharmacy or Registered Pharmacist or passed intermediate with chemistry as one of the subjects.     

Q. 3   Whether it is mandatory for cosmetic manufacturing firm to maintain fully equipped testing laboratory in its premises?

Ans:    No, it is not mandatory under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Cosmetic manufacturing firm can get their raw / finish products tested from outside approved testing laboratory.

Q. 4   For how much time record is to be maintained by the cosmetics manufacturing license?

Ans:    3 years from the date of manufacturing.     

Q. 5   Use of which ingredients are prohibited in manufacturing of cosmetics for the purpose of coloring?

Ans;    Use of Lead and Arsenic compounds for the purpose of colouring cosmetics is prohibited.

Q. 6   Whether Hexachlorophene is banned in cosmetics?

Ans:    Yes. However in case of soaps, hexachlorophene may be used in concentration not exceeding 1% w/w with following caution on the wrapper of each soap in conspicuous manner. “Contains Hexachlorophene – not to be used on babies”.

Q. 7   What is the regulation for use of mercury compounds in cosmetics?

Ans:    No cosmetics intended for use in the eye area shall contain more than 0.007% of mercury & for other cosmetics it should not be more than 1ppm          

Q. 8   Can unlabeled cosmetic be sold?

Ans;    No. it is offence under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Q. 9   Whether henna leaves / powder / hair dyes etc are also included under “cosmetics”?

Ans:    Yes. Henna leaves / powder, natural or coloured dyes, colours, pigments etc used for dyeing of hairs are covered under the Cosmetics.

Q. 10   Any special provisions for toothpaste containing fluoride?

Ans:    Yes. Tooth paste containing fluoride shall not be more than 1000 ppm and must be mentioned on the toothpaste tube & its outer carton.    

Q. 11   Whether listing of ingredients is mandatory on label of cosmetic?

Ans:    Yes. List of ingredients present in concentration of more than 1% shall be listed in descending order of weight or volume followed by those in concentration less than or equal to 1%, in any order & preceded by the words…INGREDIENTS   

Q. 12   Whether cosmetic can be manufactured under Ayurvedic manufacturing license?

Ans:    No. There is no such provisions under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. No product claiming its use for cosmetic purpose (as per definition given in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act) can be manufactured under Ayurvedic manufacturing license      

Q. 13   Whether cosmetics products can claim any medical use or other claims e.g. fair skin, removes pimples, black dots etc.?

Ans:    It is offence under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Cosmetic product cannot make any medicinal claim. No cosmetic can claim or convey any idea which is false or misleading to the user.

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