PCI assures govt of services of pharmacists: COVID-19

PCI assures govt of services of pharmacists as health workers in case COVID-19 cases rise alarmingly


PCI assures govt of services of pharmacists as health worker

The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has assured the Union health ministry that it has empanelled a district-wise list of qualified pharmacists across the country who can be called in for voluntary healthcare services in case the COVID-19 pandemic becomes alarmingly widespread in the country in the coming days.

PCI has submitted a list of empanelled pharmacists from across the country to the Ministry to be assigned for health work if the novel coronavirus infection is escalated all over India. The ministry informed the PCI that the pharmacists would be called in for services as they are also health workers.

Data of pharmacists

The Council expressed its interest to be partner with the health workers in the country’s relentless efforts to address the pervasive disease. Subsequently, it submitted the complete data of the qualified pharmacists from each state to the government assuring their services. This was disclosed by Dr B Suresh, president of the PCI in an online discussion with pharmacy teachers across the country.

B Suresh
Dr. B Suresh, President, PCI

The programme was hosted by the west zone committee of the Women’s Forum of the Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India (APTI). It was moderated by Dr. Udichi Kataria, coordinator of the APTI-WF, west zone, and assisted by Dr. Jayesh Dwivedi, vice president of APTI.

The PCI president said the health ministry was very much contented with the district-wise list of highly qualified pharmacists submitted by pharmacy council to be assigned for voluntary health work. All state councils have shared their lists with the PCI which handed over them to the health ministry. The ministry of health had wanted the pharmacy council to enlist a panel of pharmacists from Diploma to Pharm D for selection as health workers. The empanelled list of the PCI included all categories of registered pharmacists.

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Pharmacists are healthcare professionals

“If this pandemic goes out of control we will need hundreds and thousands of people to support us and help us. Definitely the pharmacists are healthcare professionals, so will be inviting them to associate”, a health ministry source was quoted as saying. The online discussion revealed one point that the government was taking some steps which were relating to enforcement of laws with regard to healthcare management.

Hence, pharmacists cannot directly involve in the healthcare measures taken by doctors and nurses to address the virus infection. But the role of pharmacist is very clear, but it should not be compared with the roles of other healthcare professionals. As a frontline healthcare worker, the identity of the pharmacist has to be established as in industry where major decisions are taken by pharmacists only, said the PCI president.

Replying to queries from teachers and students pursuing various pharmacy courses, Dr Suresh said today’s pharmacists are new generation pharmacists and it will take a short period of time to establish their competency. “Don’t feel let down, the world and the country will recognize you before long. Government and private sector jobs are on the rise for all Pharm D, diploma, degree and postgraduate students,” he convinced them.

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