PGI launches DOOT, a barrier between Covid +ve patients, medicines

The robotic device is PGI’s step forward in self-reliance and safety

Hospital Ambulance
Picture: Pixabay

Last Updated on November 6, 2020 by The Health Master

Prof Jagat Ram, Director, PGI, launched a state-of-the-art low-cost automated robotic trolley for Covid patients here yesterday.

Acronymed as DOOT (delivery, observance and an orchestrated telecommunicator), the robotic device has been developed by two resident doctors — Dr Pranay Mahajan and Dr Shailesh Gahukar — from the Department of Hospital Administration for Rs25,000. It minimises the contact of healthcare workers with patients and contaminated surroundings.

Prof Jagat Ram said: “The robotic device is PGI’s step forward in self-reliance and safety. By delivering medicines and food to patients at the isolation wards, the trolley will help ensure safety of healthcare workers.”

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Dr Mahajan said: “We have attached mobile app-based Cloud camera to the trolley that empowered it with features such as motion-sensing, night vision, thermal sensing embedded with an online signaling system which would help in remote observation of contaminated areas.”

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