Lychee love: Find out the health benefits of this fruit

Besides being sweet and nutritious, it brings a cooling effect on the human body to beat the scorching summer heat.

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It’s the perfect time to enjoy fresh, delicious lychees. Lychee means ‘gift for loyal life’ and it surely lives up to its name.

Besides being sweet and nutritious, it brings a cooling effect on the human body to beat the scorching summer heat.

This fruit originated in China, but today it is found in most of the Southeast Asian countries.

The outer surface is covered with a red, rough-textured and easily-removable rind. Inside, it consists of a translucent white sweet and juicy fruit.

The pulp has a brown nut-like seed. Lychee is loaded with healthy nutrients, and is known to be an exotic fruit besides having a very short shelf life.

A one cup serving of fresh lychees has 126 calories with about a gram of fat and protein and 2.5 grams of fiber.

It is very high in sugar with 28 grams of natural sugar in it, so people with high blood sugar levels or diabetics need to be careful before choosing lychee in their routine.

Lychee has a high water and Vitamin C content and is full of energy.

It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol but comprises of good amounts of dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants which provide a load of health benefits to human body.

It is a rich source of polyphenols ‘oligonol’ that make it a strong and highly recommended antioxidant and it also helps in balancing electrolytes in our body.

In addition to its fairly sweet as well as tangy taste, the lychee has many substantial health advantages. It is packed with Vitamin C that proves to be a good antioxidant and improves the immune function of our body.

We all know that Vitamin C helps to boost immunity to protect the body against common issues like cough, cold, flu and day-to-day infections.

It is highly recommended especially for young children who are highly vulnerable to infections and cold.

So, all in all, the lychee is a wonderful fruit, it is tasty and beneficial for our body. However, if you tend to have too much of it, then the high sugar content will cause an imbalance in the body.

If you are diabetic then the consumption of lychee must be done under medical advice. With all these benefits, this fruit is worth a try but in moderation as overeating it might be harmful. Follow moderation and mindfulness!

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