FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-3)

FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-3)

Picture: Pixabay
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FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-3)

Picture: Pixabay

Continued from ….. FAQs – on Blood Bank / Centre (Part-2)

Q41.   When the notification regarding change of name as Blood Bank to Blood Centre came into force ?

Ans:    The said notification came into force on 11-03-2020 vide Notification no. G.S.R. 166 (E) dated 11-03-2020.

Q42:   Is there any change of qualification of BTO in the above said notification?

Ans:    Yes, MBBS with diploma in Pathology requires experience of six months and MD, Pathology requires experience of three months.

Q43    Is there any change in qualification of Technical Supervisor in the above said notification?

Ans:    Yes, Technical Supervisor having DMLT requires one year experience in testing of blood or its components or both in the licensed blood centre.

Q44:   How many rooms have been added in the blood centre?

Ans:    Three rooms have been added as per the above notification
-Store-cum-record room
-Counselling area with adequate privacy
-Identified Quality Control area with component preparation area

Q45:   Is any change in criteria for blood donation?

Ans:    Yes, 104 criteria has been made for blood donation and required changes to be made in the blood donor form.

Q46:   Is separate room to be provided for quality control area in the component area?

Ans:    Blood Centre may identify the area in the component area.

Q47:   What is the qualification of Counsellor?

Ans:    As per above notification, the following qualification and experience is mandatory for Counsellor:
-Master degree in social work, sociology with six month experience or
-Degree in science or Health Science with one year experience or
-Person with 10+2 having three year of experience in the field of counselling in the Blood Centres collecting blood less than 3000 units per annum can share counsellor or medical social worker within institutions.

Q48:   Whether this notification no. G.S.R. 166(E) dated 11.03.2020 is applicable on the existing blood banks?

Ans:    Yes, from the date of notification i.e. 11.03.2020

Q49:   Whether the existing blood centres required counsellor?

Ans:    Yes. All existing blood centres have to appoint Counsellor.

Q50:   Which Blood Centre is allowed for the procedure for plasmapheresis?

Ans:    All licensed blood centres having requisite permission for plasmapheresis are allowed for the procedure for plasmapheresis.

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