Blood Centre (Bank) – requirements at a glance

Blood Centre (Bank) - requirements at a glance: Areas, Rooms, Equipment, Forms and fee

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Blood Centre (Bank) – requirements at a glance

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Requirements of areas / rooms for blood Centre (Bank) 

Rooms or areas and equipment requirements for each room along with room temperature conditions for Blood Centre (Bank).

Sr. No.RoomMinimum requirement of equipmentAir Conditioner (A/C) or Room Temperature
 1Registration areaWeighing scale
Height scale
Table / Chairs
Room Temperature
 2Medical Examination RoomBP Apparatus
Hb meter
Alcohol swabs
Test tubes
Examination table
Table / Chairs
Room Temperature
 3Counselor RoomRegister / Notebook
IEC Material
Table / Chairs
Room Temperature
 4Blood Collection roomHygrometer (Temp./Humidity)
Donor Couches
BP Apparatus
Sealer for blood bag
Oxygen cylinder
EDTA & Plain Vacutainers
I/V Stand
Blood Collection Monitor (weighing + Mixing)
Emergency Drugs
 5Serology RoomTimer
Automated machine for Immunohaematology
Hygrometer (Temp/Humidity)
Bench-top Sealer
Rh-View Box
Micro Pipette (100 µl-1000µl)
Dry Bath Incubator
Table Top Centrifuge Machine
 6TTI LabRotary VDRL Shaker
Fully Automated Infection Marker Machine / Elisa Reader
Hygrometer (Temp./Humidity)
Refrigerator for storage of reagents / kits
Micro Pipette (10µl-1000µl)
Dry Bath Incubator
Table Top Centrifuge Machine
 7Blood Storage AreaRefrigerators ( independent for tested and untested blood / blood components) with alarm, recording devicesRoom Temperature
 8Sterilization & Washing AreaAutoclave (vertical)
Hot Air Oven
Washing facilities Cabinets for keeping washed glass wares
Room Temperature
 9Rest cum refreshment RoomTable / Chairs / Sofas
Domestic Refrigerator
Recovery Bed  
 10Apheresis roomCell Separator /Aphesis
Handy Sealer
BP Apparatus
Alcohol Swabs
Oxygen Cylinder
Donor Couches
Hygrometer (Temp. / Humidity)
Emergency Drugs
I/V Stand
 11Component preparation RoomDeep Freezer (-30˚C)
Deep Freezer (-80˚C) (Quarantine)
Platelet Agitator & Incubator
Automatic Component Extractor
Refrigerated Centrifuge – 6000i

Application Form and Fee

Application Forms and required fee for grant and renewal, additional items and duplicate license of Blood Centre (Bank)

Application Form for grant or renewal27-C
License to be granted on Form28-C
Fee for grant or renewal₹ 7500/-
Renewal to be issued on Form26-G
Late Fee per month for 6 months₹ 1000/-
Additional item fee per item₹ 300/-
Duplicate License fee₹ 1000/-

Storage conditions for Whole Human Blood IP / Blood Components:

Storage conditions for Whole Human Blood IP / Blood Components

Sr. No.Name of blood/ComponentsStorage Temperature in degree CelsiusExpiry Date
 1Whole Human Blood I.P.2-635 days in CPDA-1
 2Concentrated Human Red Blood Corpuscles I.P.2-642 days in CPD-SAGM
 3Platelet Concentrate IP.20-245 days
 4Fresh Frozen Plasma BP.<-30365 days
 5Cryoprecipitate Antihaemophilic Factor IP.<-30365 days
 6Single Donor Platelets (SDP) prepared using Plateletpheresis / cell Separator 20-245 days
 7Cryo-poor Plasma.<-30365 days
 8Granulocyte Concentrate.20-241 days
 9Leucocyte-Reduced Red Cell.2-642 days in CPD-SAGM
 10Leucocyte-Reduced Platelet Concentrate.20-245 days
 11Leucappheresis using cell separator (leading to single donor platelet / leucocyte.).SDP 20-245 days
 -do-Leucocyte 2-61 days
 12Random Donor Platelet.20-245 days
 13Platelet Rich Plasma  20-245 days

Area requirements:

Area requirements for the Blood Centre (Bank) and to manufacture components

Sr. No.Various ProcessesMinimum Area in Sq. Mt.
1.Manufacture of Whole human blood IP100
2.Carrying out of Aphaeresis process10
3Preparation of Blood Components50

Map for Blood Centre (Bank):

Ideal Map for Blood Centre (Bank)

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