How to start Jan Aushadhi Store: Procedure

How to start Jan Aushadhi Store: Procedure

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How to start Jan Aushadhi Store: Procedure

Pradhaan Mantri Bhartiye Janushadhi Pariyojna

The branded (Generic) medicines are sold at significantly higher prices than their un-branded generic equivalents, though are identical in the therapeutic value.

Given the widespread poverty across the country, making available reasonably priced quality generic medicines in the market would benefit everyone.

With this objective, the Pharma Advisory Forum in its meeting held on 23rd April, 2008, decided to launch the PMBJP KENDRA Campaign – starting with the sale of generic medicines through dedicated sales outlets called Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra in various districts of the country.

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It is proposed that at least one PMBJK will be opened in each of the 630 districts of the country to be extended to sub-divisional levels as well as major towns and village centers.

BPPI- Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India

BPPI, the implementation agency for Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra was established in December, 2008 under the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India, with the support of all the CPSUs.

It has been registered as an independent society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as a separate independent legal entity in April, 2010.

BPPI follows the provisions of GFR, 2005 as amended from time to time, the CVC guidelines, and instructions from the Department of Pharmaceuticals.

Jan Aushadhi Store

Jan Aushadhi

How to start Jan Aushadhi Store ? We have provided detailed procedure for starting a Jan Aushadhi Store. Read the details given below:

Guidelines for Jan Aushadhi Store

Click the pdf file below for detail regarding the updated guidelines (23-03-2021), how to start the Jan Aushadhi Store:


Special Incentive for Jan Aushadhi Store

Procedure for reimbursement of Special Incentive Rs. 2 lakhs, clcik below link


Application form: To be submitted to BPPI

Drug sale license can be issued to any person under the trade name “Jan Aushadhi” with the prior approval by the applicant from BPPI. For application form regarding how to apply to BPPI for NOC. click the pdf file below:


Important Circulars from PMBI

PMBI dt 19-08-2021 Circular for Change in Constitution (Ownership)


PMBI dt 19-08-2021 Circular for Change of Location (Relocation)


Apply online for NOC

Apply online to BPPI for NOC. Click here

Jan Aushadhi Medicine List 2023


Source: Janaushadhi website

Jan Aushadhi Medicine List 2022



Beware of following fake websites about Jan Aushadhi Store:

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