Revolution in Diagnostics industry with new age technology

We are eyeing 50% growth in 2021. Next year, will probably go to a 3X from where we are now

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HealthCube, a combination of smart diagnostics and artificial intelligence, is planning to bring about a major transformation in the Indian healthcare ecosystem by ensuring quality diagnostics  accessible all over the country with new age technology.

The company’s vision is to make diagnosis simple and hassle-free as, despite advancements in medicine and diagnostic technology, diagnosis is not that much easy in the country.

“We are eyeing 50% growth in 2021. Next year, will probably go to a 3X from where we are now. Since 2018, we have grown by about 5X to 6X year-on-year through to now. This is only the start and we expect to grow far more in terms of both revenues and profitability,” stated Dr Radha Rangarajan, CSO, HealthCube.

The company added that it wanted to build a solution that would help them manage these tests at their convenience.

Picture: Pixabay

“Developing and getting necessary approvals for products in the healthcare field involving technology is always a slow process. Medical devices are no exception. The process can sometimes take years, due to barriers – especially around regulation. Since a device such as ours directly impacts the identification and treatment of various ailments, accuracy and efficacy is of paramount importance,” stated Dr Rangarajan.

Dr Rangarajan added, “Recently, we were also approached by the NITI Aayog to get this innovation out to all aspirational districts in India. We are not only selling to the government directly but also to the districts at the lowest levels.”

The company stated that however, due to lack of diagnostic labs in rural areas, only 5% women are able to get the tests done. The company stated that it provides results in 1 to 15 minutes for 30+ tests across various parameters like vitals, biochemistry, infectious diseases, and cardiac markers, etc.

HealthCube is an ISO 13485 certified company that has received certification from Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). Its primary product is a medical-grade, clinically accurate, portable diagnosis system, similar to a set-top box, that can be used easily anywhere by anyone with minimal training.

It provides accurate results for reliable patient screening. The results are saved electronically on the cloud with the help of an Android-based application and accessed easily on mobile phones and laptops.

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