PCI releases draft syllabus for Diploma in Pharmacy

The syllabus for each subject of study shall be prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India from time to time


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With significant modifications, the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), the national pharmacy education regulator, has now drafted the syllabus for the course, Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharm) and put it in public domain for suggestions and feedback.

The modified syllabus has been prepared on the basis of the Regulation 7 of the Education Regulations 2020 released by the Council and notified in the Gezette of India on October 16 last year. The draft syllabus envisages better prospects for pharmacy professionals in future.

PCI has invited suggestions and feedback from all stakeholders concerned on the draft syllabus and suggested to forward them to Prof. Dr. S Gopalveni, convener of the Education Regulation Committee till July 10.

The central council has set up a 17-member education regulation committee to undertake a comprehensive review of the feedback it receives from academicians, institutional heads, students, pharmacy professionals and other stakeholders. Dr. Gopalveni, principal of the government college of pharmacy in Pondicherry, has been made the convener of the committee.

Sharing details, he said the committee will analyze the feedback and suggestions, if any, on the 10th of July and forward the report to the PCI for initiating further steps. He said the committee wants to avoid negative comments on any chapter or book recommended in the draft.

According to a member from the PCI, it has prepared the syllabus based on Regulation 7 of the ER 2020 which says, ‘the syllabus for each subject of study shall be prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India from time to time’. He said the PCI has strong views on pharmacy education and chalks out each policy as per it. The draft of the syllabus was made envisaging a better pharmacy profession in future.

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In the education regulation 2020 published last year, the council had not illustrated the details of the syllabus, but said it would release the syllabus without further notification. The ER 2020 was released after a period of 30 years. The previous ER 1991 was finalized in 1987, but notified in the Gezette in 1991.

Compared to the previous syllabus (ER 91) the modified draft syllabus consists of several new chapters with increase in contents. According to KR Dinesh Kumar, a member of the PCI, said this is the first time PCI included exclusive chapters on social pharmacy and pharmacy law and ethics. He said PCI has given importance to community pharmacy services through the syllabus with a view to equip the students to become pharmacist-cum-patient counselors.  

Several faculty members of pharmacy institutions have welcomed the draft syllabus. Prof. Dr. Mihir Kumar Kar, president of APTI Odisha state branch said he will organize an online discussion on the draft syllabus next week.

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