6 reasons: How Gel creams are different from traditional cold creams

Should we buy them as they are nearly double the price of any other cream? Are gel creams so worthy?

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6 reasons: How Gel creams are different from traditional cold creams

Gel creams are commonly known has hydration creams. They basically work on improving the skin hydration. Nowadays we see several creams in the market that are in the gel form which looks totally different from our traditional cold creams.

These are not transparent face massage gels, they are translucent gel like creams.  Are gel creams actually different or is it just like any other cold cream?

Should we buy them as they are nearly double the price of any other cream? Are gel creams so worthy?

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” Erno Laszlo

Gel Creams
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These are the questions that comes in the mind of a person who sees a product like this in the market. The answer to the questions is ‘YES’.

Gel creams are different from the cold creams and have various special ingredients that actually makes it worth buying. Following are the 6 reasons why:

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1.     They Provide Long Hour Hydration

Gel creams have special ingredients that provide long hours of hydration to our skin as it keeps the water molecules bound between the skin layers.

There are gel creams in the market that provides 72 to 100-hour hydration to the skin which is quiet high as compare to cold creams.

2.      High percentage of humectants

Gel creams contain high percentage of humectants that keeps the skin hydrated and allows easy penetration of active ingredients and plant extracts.

Traditional creams just stick to the surface of the skin and is not that effective in penetration and absorption of actives and extracts.

3.     Watery gel like texture

Gel creams are very light in texture and feels super smooth to apply even on matured or wrinkled skin. This ensure easy and effective application and quick absorption with light skin feel.

It suits all skin types as it provides super moisturisation with ultra-light non sticky feel. After application there will be no tacky and oily feel as it is there in cold creams.

4.     Presence of active ingredients and extracts

Gel creams have several active ingredients and plant extracts that have clinically tested efficacy according to vivo and vitro results.

These actives and extracts works on certain skin concerns and have efficacy to show remarkable improvements in skin concerns like wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, sebum production, dullness etc.

Also, presence of humectants and watery texture ensure deep penetration of these active and extracts into deeper layers of skin to give maximum benefits.

5.     Less percentage of oils phase

Most Gel creams have very less percentage of oils which is less than 10%. Gel creams have high percentage of water based ingredients which is suitable for all skin types.

Whereas traditional cold creams contain nearly 20 to 25 % of oil phase and they also contain few emulsifiers that leaves soapy whiteness during application which sometimes gives tacky feel.

So, people with oily skin usually don’t apply creams during humid weather which is even more dangerous as it causes Trans Epidermal water loss (TEWL).

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6.     Can be applied anytime of the day

As we have discussed that gel creams feels very light on skin, it can be applied anytime of the day when hydration is required.

It can be applied over mist during day or night. Also, serums can be applied over it for added benefit during night.

TipGel creams can be used as a good makeup base as they hydrate the skin fully in few minutes and makes it plump and supple

Gel cream is a good transition of traditional creams as it provides added benefits with smooth application. It not only prevents our skin from water loss but also caters to various other skin concerns.

So, choose the best one for you and apply it religiously as skincare is not only one-day practice but is a daily regime that should be followed seriously.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” Erno Laszlo


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