6 ways to pamper your Skin with self Skincare routine

At home these 6 healthy skincare routine can be followed keeping in mind the frequency of each step

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6 ways to pamper your Skin with self Skincare routine

During Pandemic importance of self – skincare routine practice has increased as going out for same is not on the priority list for many people. At home following healthy skincare routine can be followed keeping in mind the frequency of each step i.e., daily or weekly. Follow listed steps as a habit for a healthy skin and happy mind:

1.     Cleansing:

Face cleansing helps to get rid of any dirt or oil on it or to remove makeup. Gel facewash and soaps are commonly used face cleansers. Other new cleansers available in the market are – foam wash, oil cleansers, cleansing lotions, powder cleansers etc.

To clean waterproof makeup various products like makeup removing balms, oils and bi-phase micellar water etc. can be used. They cleanse the face by removing stubborn makeup without stripping off excess oil from our skin.

Frequency: Clean your face twice daily at least (morning and before bed) or whenever required.

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2.     Exfoliation:

Exfoliation helps in making the skin smooth and internally young. It removes the dead cells that helps in skin rejuvenation and improves its texture and hydration. Both chemical and physical exfoliators are available in the market. In Chemical exfoliators, exfoliation is done using chemical like AHA, BHA, glycolic acid, etc. they should be used carefully with doctor’s advice.

In physical exfoliators, exfoliation is done using scrubs like almond, walnut shell powder or exfoliation beads, kiwi seeds etc. exfoliation or scrubbing should be done using soft – circular strokes using fingertips to avoid any kind of harshness on skin.

Frequency: Exfoliate your skin once or twice every week depending upon your skin type.

3.     Toning:

Toning is a step that most people skip in their daily routine. It is one of the major step that should be followed in daily skincare regime without fail as it helps in maintaining the skin’s PH level, pore shrinkage, toning and various face mist helps in correcting various skin concerns like acne, dehydration, dullness, wrinkles etc.

Use an alcohol free face mist that not only provides hydration but also caters to your skin related concerns. You can also use steam distilled pure floral water like – rose or lavender mist in combination with other mist that suits your particular skin type.

Frequency: Use alcohol free Mist or Toners twice DAILY or anytime of the day when quick hydration is required.

4.     Masking and packing:

Masking and packing the skin is essential after exfoliation. So when you exfoliate your skin don’t forget to use toner which should be followed by applying a clay mask or pack. This helps in skin detoxification, repair and purification and packs the skin with various nutrients and humectants for a firmer and radiant looking skin.

There are various kinds of mask like – gel mask, sheet mask or clay mask like –  Rhassoul clay, dead sea clay, charcoal, fuller’s earth, kaolin clay etc. Choose them wisely according to your skin type.

Tip: – Buy a clay scrub mask in paste form as it will work as a cleanser, exfoliator and mask. It will be economical 3 in 1 product. First cleanse and scrub your face using circular motions and then leave it for 5 minutes to work on your skin. Then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Follow by applying a face mist.

Frequency: Apply face mask twice every week specially after exfoliation.

5.     Activating with serums:

Activating your skin daily with face serums helps in activating and regenerating skin cells and caters various skin related concerns. It rejuvenates the skin cells by penetrating into deeper layers of skin and gives visible efficacy and results. Face serums comes in water, oil, gel, silicone or emulsion base.

Gel and emulsion base serums are preferred over others as they are non-sticky and provides moisturization too (this can reduce the next step of skincare routine which is moisturizing)

Frequency: Apply face serums daily before going to bed.

6.     Moisturizing:

Moisturizing helps in nourishing the skin, increases elasticity and prevents Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). TEWL leads to mature looking, dehydrated and dull looking skin. Having a flawless skin naturally is a god’s gift but don’t ruin it by not moisturizing it.

So, whether the skin is oily, normal or dry- there is always a need for moisturizing. Various moisturizers like gel creams, creams, facial oils, emulsion serums etc. are available. For oily or normal skin use non-sticky gel creams and for dry skin facial oils or creams can be used.

Frequency: Moisturize twice daily- in the morning and before going to bed.

Following a daily proper skincare routine will make your skin look flawless. It will increase the age of your younger looking skin. So, now invest your time and money in what you want to look like in your fifties as it is correctly said:

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”
– Coco Chanel.


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