6 Tips to remove every bit of your Makeup

Cleansing becomes complicated in the process of removing every bit of your makeup

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6 Tips to remove every bit of your Makeup

Cleansing is the first and very important step in skincare regime. Cleansing becomes complicated in the process of removing every bit of your makeup. Sometimes no matter how thorough you cleanse or scrub, it gets really difficult to remove the makeup completely. Follow these tips to get a complete bare, makeup free face.

1.   Cleanse using right product

Sometimes wash- splash-repeat fails to remove makeup completely and become too tedious and harsh for the skin. It’s because most people use cleansers not meant for cleansing makeup.

According to many professional makeup artist, makeup should be removed using micellar water, makeup removing balm or makeup removing oils etc. Super stay and matt lipsticks should be removed using a lip scrub. They are specially meant for cleansing and removing makeup from your face entirely.

They are oil based cleansers specially formulated for removing any kind of waterproof makeup or stubborn pigments completely from the delicate areas of face.

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Tip: – Use Bi-phase micellar water, cleansing oil or cleansing balm instead of using a normal facewash to remove makeup efficiently, especially waterproof makeup.

2.   Slower is better

When it comes to remove makeup, especially on the eyes, give time to makeup remover product to work its magic. When you apply makeup remover product on your face, let it sit for a while to absorb the mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow etc. So that it slips off easily and thoroughly before you finally wipe it off.

Doing this will help in getting rid of smudginess due to leftover pigments around the eyes. So, never rush up the cleansing process as it might leave the stubborn pigments causing skin breakouts which might damage the delicate areas on the face. 

Tip: – Slower you go, appearance would be better to show.

3.   Clean makeup remover using damp cloth

Once you have applied the makeup removing product on the face, all the pigments and makeup will melt down along with it. Always use a damp cotton cloth or towel to wipe your face to remove every bit of makeup that has melted with cleansing balm or oil.

All makeup removing products consists of oil based or water based surfactants that helps in removing the makeup completely without harming the delicate skin. So always keep in mind, to never splash water to remove makeup removing balms or oils as the surfactants near eyes can cause irritation and stinging.

Also never use any kind of dry scrub pad or dry cloth to remove melted makeup from the face as friction can damage the delicate top skin and contribute to wrinkles & breakouts.

Tip: – Let the makeup remover melt all the makeup on the face then wipe off softly using damp cotton cloth.

4.   What Not to use for cleansing makeup

Alcohol based cleansers, synthetic cleansing pads, makeup removing wipes etc. should be avoided as they are synthetic products or contain alcohol which have harmful effects on skin in longer time.

Your skin is delicate, so avoid using any harsh and rough synthetic products on it. Prefer cotton wash cloths over cotton balls to wipe out melted makeup, as cotton balls might leave behind residue or breakdown during usage & leaves fibres on your lashes or skin.

Tip: – Always use water or oil based makeup removers and wipe off using cotton wash cloths only.

5.   Do Not forget to clean these areas

There are zones that are frequently neglected during makeup removal. Edges of eyelids, hairline and neck are the areas that are often neglected during makeup removal. Makeup residue is often accumulated around these areas which leads to clogged pores & breakouts.

So, give extra time to melt down the makeup in these areas too. Never scrub around the eye area or on the lashes as it can result in lashes breaking off and falling out. Be gentle in removing eye makeup to avoid any kind of eye irritation.

Tip: – Tie back your hair or use a headband to remove makeup effectively from the hairline.

6.   Always Moisturize after removing makeup

Removing makeup, wipes out all the moisture from your skin. Makeup removing products are formulated on the basic principle of ‘Oil attracts oil’ to remove waterproof oil based makeup. So, it is important to moisturize your skin after removing makeup completely, even if you have oily skin.

Also use a lip balm if you have just removed a lipstick. Applying an under eye cream will help in getting rid of any kind of breakouts and pigment accumulation around the eye area. Keep your skin moist and hydrated to prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Tip: – Use an emulsion based serum according to your skin type to moisturize your skin with multiple benefits.

Makeup removing is essential in cleansing process which is to be followed carefully in skincare regime. Never commit a mistake of going to bed without removing makeup. Your skin is important for you, so pamper and care for it by investing in the right and good quality products.

“Healthy Skin Is a Reflection of Overall Wellness.”
Dr. Murad

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