Why to prefer organic emulsifiers over traditional ones ?

Oil and water cannot be mixed, they will automatically separate even after vigorous mixing. Here comes the role of emulsifiers.

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Why should I prefer organic emulsifiers over traditional ones ?

A cream or an emulsion is made up of two broadly categorized ingredients – water based and oil based. So, in layman’s language, creams are made up of oil and water.

Water based ingredients like extracts, humectants, actives, etc. penetrate the skin to provide additional benefits and hydration, whereas oil based ingredients act as a surface barrier that helps protect the skin from water loss.

But, as we all know, oil and water cannot be mixed, they will automatically separate even after vigorous mixing. Here comes the role of emulsifiers.

What are Emulsifiers?

Emulsifiers act as binding agents by emulsifying the oil phase and the water phase together. Emulsifiers contain an element called hydrophilic, which is water-loving, and an element called lipophilic, which is oil loving.

This means they are attracted to both oil and water, which allows them to bind the two together to form a stable emulsion that does not separate from each other.

Organically Certified emulsifiers

Many cosmetic creams & emulsions are made using chemical or synthetic emulsifiers, but the good thing  is that there are many natural emulsifiers out there too! There are many organic emulsifiers that are ECOCERT or COSMOS certified.

But, should one prefer creams or emulsions with organically certified emulsifiers in comparison to Traditional chemical based emulsifiers. Here are the benefits of using organic emulsifiers over synthetic ones.

Benefits of using Natural or Organic emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are widely used in all the cosmetics industries and are very important for many cosmetic formulas that blend and help to keep unlike ingredients together.

Traditional type emulsifiers should be replaced by natural / organic emulsifiers because of the following benefits:

1.      Contains Natural Ingredients

Natural emulsifiers are those that are derived from fruit or oil without being processed or after some chemical reactions.

These types of emulsifiers, need to be extracted, separated, or processed out of plant oils and fats before they can be used to bind the two phases.

They are derived from natural, organic raw materials like coconut and palm. As they contain natural ingredients, they are globally accepted and liked.

2.      Ecologically Sustainable

As these emulsifiers are naturally derived and free from any harsh chemicals, they will help preserve the environment as they don’t contribute to any kind of pollution.

They are readily biodegradable and do not cause any harm to our precious environment.

3.      Mild for sensitive & delicate skin

These emulsifiers are free from parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, pegs, petroleum, silicones, artificial fragrances, and colors, so they are mild on the skin.

They are really good for people with sensitive skin and even for the delicate skin of babies and kids.

Due to their mildness and the presence of natural ingredients, they don’t cause any inflammation or any kind of rash. They do not cause any kind of damage or breakout on the skin’s surface.

4.      Stable Formulation

Organic or natural emulsifiers generally come in combinations of two or more emulsifying agents.

This makes the emulsion stable and stay intact and homogeneous for a longer period of time. But, it should be formulated efficiently and in the right proportion.

5.      Makes the texture smooth and velvety

Due to presence of natural ingredients, they give a very cushiony and velvety texture to the emulsions.

This helps in better penetration of active ingredients in mature and aged skin. This makes the skin supple and smooth after application and keeps the skin nourished for longer hours.

So It’s a great ingredient in a cream or an emulsion like a serum, as it provides all the goodness with no chemicals or harsh ingredients. But there are a few challenges to incorporating these flawless emulsifiers into our beauty products.

1. Organic and natural emulsifiers are some of the ingredients that are the trickiest to work with when you’re making clean, natural, and organic skincare or haircare formulations.

One needs to balance out various ingredients in order to get a stable emulsion, which is not a piece of Cake’.

2. They are very costly (almost 4 to 5 times the price) as compared to traditional emulsifiers. But it is wisely said: – ‘Good Things Comes With A Price’.

3. They are not easily available, especially in small quantities. So, it is difficult for small brands to procure it.

What to look in the label to find that emulsion / cream is made using Organic Certified Emulsifiers

1. Few common Organic Emulsifiers are – Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Stearate (and) Polyglyceryl-6 Palmitate / Succinate (and) Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides and Cetearyl alcohol etc.

2. You can also find A leaf or organic marking on the label in front of the ingredient list.

3. Few brands also mention the use of organic emulsifiers on the labels. So, Lookout on the labels carefully.

In today’s world there are many skincare products that gives benefits to the skin. But, a wiser person chooses wisely for the benefit of skin & environment together. So, always buy a cream, serum or emulsion which is made using Organic Certified Emulsifiers.

“Consider the impact of your personal care choices on your skin, our earth and our wider environment.” – J. Runciman


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