NPPA releases draft of Retail Price proposals for 11 Drugs

proposal for fixation of retail price of 11 drugs

NPPA Price of drugs

Last Updated on August 28, 2021 by The Health Master

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has released the draft version of the proposed price calculation sheet for retail price of 11 medicines from various players in the country.

The price fixation include paracetamol IP 1000 mg, which has the highest moving annual total (MAT) of Rs. 269.2 crore, to levetiracetam IP 500 mg plus sodium chloride IP 820 mg combination with a MAT of Rs 3.76 lakh.

The paracetamol tablet retail prices for Aishwarya Healthcare (manufacturer) and FDC Ltd (marketer) have been proposed at Rs. 254.81 per pack including retailer margin and excluding GST.

This is against the highest price of Rs. 335.91 for Malidens 1000 mg infusion 100 ml from Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd and Rs 77 per pack for Dolo 1000 MG infusion 100 ML, from Micro Labs Ltd.

There are 38 companies selling the same medicine in this category, the whole 11 consists of a market share of one per cent or above.

The levetiracetam IP 500 mg plus sodium chloride IP 820 mg for Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (manufacturer/importer) and Linux Laboratories Pvt Ltd (marketers), has been proposed with a retail price of Rs. 91.56 per unit, with the only player in the market has Rs. 78.93 per Unit fixed, for Levera RTU from Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The amount includes the average price of Rs. 78.93 per unit, along with 16 per cent retailer margin.

The other formulations for which the retail price has been proposed include methotrexate topical gel from Alaina Healthcare Pvt Ltd (manufacturer) and IPCA Laboratories Ltd (marketer), 100 ml of levetiracetam in 0.82 per cent sodium chloride injection, intravenous infusion for Sun Pharma, various strengths of chlorthalidone IP plus amlodipine besylate IP from Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer) and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd (marketer), and different strengths of metoprolol succinate IP of Pure and Cure Healthcare Pvt Ltd (manufacturer) and Lupin Ltd (marketer).

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