7 Benefits of including FACE MIST in your Skincare Regime

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Face Mist are not just scented water, it’s actually much more than that – Let’s Know how?

Sometimes after washing face or anytime during the day skin feels dry, stretched or dull. Also, throughout the day, our skin loses its water deposits at a rapid rate depending on the conditions & climate.

At that time skin reaches parched status & looks dull. This state is called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). So, periodically rehydrating skin is super important for a glowing & healthy skin. That’s when a good Face Mist comes in.

What is Actually A FACE MIST?

Face Mists are liquids which you mist onto your skin by means of spray bottle or atomizer. Its micro sized droplets are designed to settle on your face without disrupting your makeup & deliver a quick hit of moisture.

When the skin loses freshness after a long day, wash your face and spray face mist on your face to give instant refreshment.

Here are the benefits of Facial Mists

1.   Controls Breakout & helps in pore shrinkage

Mists acts as a miracle for people having acne prone skin. It helps to clean & clear your face & its pores.

Some of the extracts used in mists cleans out clogged pores, soaks up any excess oils & helps rid the surface of breakouts by removing bad bacteria from the surface or below.

Tip: – Always buy ALCOHOL FREE Face Mists which includes multiple active extracts, hydrosols and humectants as they help in tightening pores & increases skin’s firmness & toning.

2.   Hydrates Skin Instantly

A fine spray of mist gives dull, sleepy skin an instant boost of hydration and brightness. Many water absorbent humectants are incorporated in the mist to help skin drench with water full of benefits.

It helps skin to remain hydrated, plump and refreshed whole day.

Tip: – Apply Facial Mist to quench thirsty and dry skin anytime of the day.

3.   Helps serum, Night cream or emulsions to absorb better

Why should you use a hydrating face spray before serums or night creams? It is to maximize its powers! By adding a spray of hydration first, it can help skin do a better job of absorbing whatever you’re putting on after.

Hydrated skin absorbs all the active ingredients present in the serum and Night cream easily and deeply. Humectants present in the facial mist ensures deep penetration of ingredients for better efficacy. And since you should

Tip: – Apply Facial Mist at least morning and night before moisturising with day or night cream.

4.   Can be used before, after or in between Makeups

Face mist gives a more flawless makeup application. It creates a smooth and hydrated canvas for foundation, it helps foundation blend better, which means a more natural, sheer look.

Applying Face Mist after makeup can helps in setting the makeup better that last longer and creates a more seamless finish.

Tip: – Apply Facial Mist at the start and end of makeup and don’t forget to do touch up  with mist spray for refresh and hydrated skin.

5.   Reduces after effect of Soap

Using soap on daily basis excessively dries the skin and kills good bacteria which is present on the surface of skin.

Soaps do their job of removing dirt & oil too well, that skin becomes deprived of its natural moisture, this leaves your skin dry and can lead to flaking, scaling, breakouts and itching.

To prevent this, usage of facial mist is important as it cleanses & purifies the skin while keeping it fully hydrated and radiant.

Tip: – After washing face with soap or cleanser, Facial Mist is must to be used as it restore skin PH Level.

6.   Non sticky and non -Tacky

Face Mist is a very good option for oil free hydration with moisture locking into the skin. Face mists with ingredients like Acetamidoethoxyethanol, Vegetable Glycerine, Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate are a good option as these humectants penetrates deeply into the skin, without disrupting the skin barrier & makes skin hydrated with non-sticky feel. 

Tip: – Always try to buy Face Mists with more humectants & emollients as they regulate oil production & relieves dryness from the skin surface.

7.   Refreshes and Uplifts exhausted skin

Sometimes it’s hard to get up early in the morning & after an exhausting schedule of previous day, it’s even harder. When you wake up in the morning your skin looks dull & dehydrated.

Then comes the role of facial Mists. You just need to spray facial mist on to your face without using any moisturiser or any kind of emulsion. Face mists will provide a refreshing effect & restores skin overnight giving it a boost of hydration.

Tip: – Use a hydrating Face Mist in the morning which will give a refreshing and soothing effect at the start of the day.

 A spray of hydrating and refreshing Face Mist on the face will provide a lot of benefits to your skin. While many of us assume a face mist is just overpriced scented water, it’s actually much more than that.

It’s a Hydrator, Refresher, Toner, Makeup setter, Makeup base spray and many more. But be sure to choose your Face Mist products according to your special skin type.

“Skincare is like a Workout for your Skin”


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