Know your Skin type & Tips for it’s care accordingly

Knowing your skin types not only helps you solve major skin issue but also saves you from further damage

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Know your Skin type & Tips for it’s care accordingly

Skincare is a continuous process that we all practice to maintain healthy & glowing skin. We use different skincare products in our daily regime. Skincare becomes an easy task once you know your SKINTYPE.

Knowing your skin types not only helps you solve major skin issue but also saves you from further damage.

Following are the ways to identify your skin types and ways to take care of it accordingly. Skin can be broadly classified into 6 types viz,

1.Normal Skin
2.Oily skin
3.Dry or Dehydrated Skin
4.Combination Skin
5.Sensitive Skin
6.Early Maturing or Mature Skin


How to Know Whether You Have Normal Skin

  • You do not feel constant need to moisturize your skin or clean out the excess sebum/oil all day long.
  • You do not have often skin Breakout and Blemishes.
  • Weather changes does not affect you much.
  • Your skin accepts to change of skincare products easily without any negative symptoms.

Skincare Tips

Wow! That’s what everyone craves for- a normal skin. You skin is not sensitive, non-oily, no problem of acne, no dryness and breakouts, non-itchy.

Skincare world is open for you can try several products experiment with new moisturizers, cleansers, masks etc. and choose what suits you best.

Do remember to keep it hydrated all time. Even the best of things requires good maintenance.


How to Know Whether You Have Oily Skin

  • You always have oily glow on face.
  • You always have that sticky feel on face.
  • Your skin leaves lot of sebum when you wipe your face with tissue
  • You are prone to blemishes and acne
  • Your skin releases oil specially in Rainy season

Skincare Tips

Use Products without Petrolatum or Mineral oil – sebum or oily shine control is the major concern for oily skin. Non-comedogenic Products do not contain Petrolatum or Mineral oils so they work best on an oily skin as they do not clog pores and saves oily skin from causing acne.

Use oil Free Moisturizers – gel creams or water-based serums works best for oily skin.

Sebum control face mist – face mist with special ingredients like oleanolic acid, nordihydroguaiaretic acid, wild rose berries extract etc. works best for pore tightening & sebum control.

Wash your face thrice a day – Excess washing strips out excess oil from face and skin start producing more oil.

Exfoliate and mask – exfoliate your skin at least twice a week and don’t forget to use clay detoxifying mask after it.


How to Know Whether You Have Dry or Dehydrated Skin

  • You have dry skin when your skin lacks in oil.
  • You have dehydrated skin when your skin lacks moisture.
  • You have scaly, itchy, cracked or flaky skin.
  • Your skin feels tight & stretchy and appears thin paper like when pinched.

Skincare Tips

Seal the Moisture – Do not forget to moisturize your face after every wash

Use more of water-based products – ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Acetamidoethoxyethanol, Xylitol etc. as they provide long hour hydration.

Do not use harsh cleansers & Alcohol based products – use sulphate free mild cleansers to stop stripping of skin’s natural moisture.

Use of hydration creams & face mist is must – give extra shot of hydration with hydration creams & mist.


How to Know Whether You Have Combination Skin

  • You are confused about your skin type as it has mix signs of different skin types
  • Some areas of your face are dry and some are oily specially the T-area.
  • Area across your forehead and along your nose (also called T-area) releases excess oil & rest is normal or dry.

Skincare Tips

Stay away from Harsh cleansers & alcohol-based – follow same tips of both oily & dry skin.

Do not use products with mineral oil or Petrolatum – use Non comedogenic products.

Do not over cleanse your face – use mild sulphate free cleanser thrice a day.

Lock the moisture – after facewash use water-based moisturizers like gel cream.

Do not touch your face with dirty hands – touching your face again & again leads to spread of germs that lead to breakouts.


How to Know Whether You Have Sensitive Skin

  • Your skin reacts immediately to new products
  • Your skin is sensitive towards harsh ingredients
  • You are most likely to get skin allergy, rashes, itchiness or irritation on applying new products.
  • Your skin reacts negatively to artificial synthetic fragrances.

Skincare Tips

Use fragrance Free products – stay on products should be fragrance free as they have longer contact with skin. Mild fragranced wash off products like bath gel etc. can be used due to shorter contact & they wash off completely.

Always do a patch test – do a patch test before using any new product to check its sensitivity on skin.

Use moisturizers with organic certified emulsifiers – they are mild and do not contain any synthetic ingredient.

Use mild sulphate free cleanser – they cleanse the skin without removing skin’s natural barrier.

Do not use Chemical Exfoliators – Exfoliators like AHA, Glycolic acid, BHA, Salicylic acid etc. causes skin sensitivity.


How to Know Whether You Have Mature Skin

Skin ages at different pace for different people. Even young people show early signs of ageing.

  • You have crow’s feet type lines at the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Your skin is thinning due to Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).
  • You have developed laughing lines at edges of your lips.
  • You have noticed skin sagging & dullness.

Skincare Tips

Start using Anti-ageing or age – defying products at earliest – they have active ingredients to slower the signs of ageing whether its due to ageing or external or environmental factors.

Use Night serums & cream – they help our skin cells & collagen to regenerate during night.

Use Peptides – Use skincare products that contains peptides as they naturally help develop skin proteins that produces Elastin Fibers & Collagen.

Keep your skin Hydrated & Moisturized – well hydrated & moisturized skin helps in delaying the development of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

From now on work on your skincare products selection according to your skin type. Keep in mind the above-mentioned safety tips to make your skin radiant and healthy.

Remember skincare is an Art & Science together. Its worth learning about your skin’s needs and requirements.

“Understand & look after your skin, it’ll glow for you back”
Nidhi Gudwani


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