Hair Conditioners: Myths and Facts related to them

We wash our hair with shampoo. But do you know what do shampoos actually contain?

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Hair Conditioners: Myths and Facts related to them

Hair Conditioners came to existence in 20th century. It captured the haircare market like a king. Nowadays, people have well accommodated hair conditioners in their daily haircare regime.

Still, you hear mix reactions and different views about the actual benefits of using a hair conditioner. Common things that we hear and doubt about conditioners are-

  • They are just a hype created by companies to sell their product.
  • They weigh down the hair.
  • They damage the hair and leads to hair loss.
  • They weaken the hair follicles and leads to hair thinning.

To know weather these are Myths or Facts, we need to get in a little deeper. We wash our hair with shampoo. But do you know what do shampoos actually contain?

Shampoo – shampoo contain Anionic surfactants that do the cleansing action by attracting all the oily dirt on the scalp. Anionic surfactants have strong cleansing action.

If not balanced they may cause an increase frizz and friction on the hair surface due to increase in electrical negative charges. Here comes the role of conditioners.

Hair Conditioners

What are Conditioners ?

Hair conditioner is that magical product which settles the negatively charged hair with its cationic properties. Conditioners are basically formulated with cationic surfactants, oils, butters, conditioning agents, emollients, peptides etc. to make your locks smoother, hydrated and manageable.

So, we can say that all the above points you hear about conditioners are merely MYTHS. Further let’s discuss what are the benefits of conditioners.

 Benefits of using Hair Conditioners

Including hair conditioners post shampoo in your hair care routine have several benefits viz.

1.      Easy Combing & Detangling – conditioner softens the hair length and lead to easy detangling of hair while combing. This saves the hair from breakage and damage while combing.

2.      Neutralize the negative charge – Conditioners are Anti-static and using them post shampoo neutralizes the negative charge caused by anionic surfactants in the shampoo. Not doing so may leave your hair negatively charged, which will be more prone to frizziness and breakage.

3.      Restores hair’s hydration – Hydrated hair have strong follicles and roots. Conditioners retains the lost hydration in the washing process.

4.     Maintains hair’s natural lipid – shampoo wash off the oil from scalp and hair. It disturbs the natural outer lipid layer of hair. Conditioners becomes the power supplier of butters and oils to our hair by restoring its lubricity.

5.      Strengthens the cuticles – conditioner contains butters, waxes, emollients, oils and different kind of lubricating and conditioning agents. Applying it thoroughly from hair shaft till your cuticles, makes them strong. It also prevents hair damage and split ends.

6.      Enhances shine, smoothness and manageability – conditioners have the magic ability to transform dull hair into shiny and smooth hair. It helps in better manageability of hair even after drying.

Conditioners have so many benefits. Still, why do they are connected with so many Myths? Answer lies in its selection and usage. There are certain important points that you have to take care while selecting and using HAIR CONDITIONERS

Tips to choose and use Hair Conditioners

  • Do not apply hair conditioners on the scalp. Apply it only from hair shafts till the cuticles.
  • You cannot hit two birds with same stone. So, conditioning shampoo cannot do all the action. Use conditioners even if your shampoo says it has conditioning properties. It just makes the shampoo milder but cannot replace conditioners at all.
  • Buy a shampoo that are silicone free to protect your hair from silicone build ups. It refrains hair to absorb moisture. Go for a conditioner that has silicone alternative.
  • Buy a conditioner that claims ‘No Parabens’. These are the harsh chemicals that further damage your hair.
  • It’s always better if you buy a conditioner that has peptides as they are really good for your hair health.
  • Never dip wet hands in the jar of conditioners as it might lead to oxidation.
  • Always read the label for its leave-on time before rinsing it completely. ‘Longer the better’ rule does not apply. It may lead to sticky & oily scalp and weigh down your hair.

So, from now on Never skip the conditioning part while post shampoo. Conditioner provides several benefits to our hair and make then smooth, shiny and healthy.

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” ~Martin Luther


Hair Conditioners: Myths and Facts related to them

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