World Pharmacists Day: Salute to all Pharmacists – The Backbone of Health system

Salute to all Pharmacists

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World Pharmacists Day

Salute to all Pharmacists

As the second wave of corona pandemic ravaged the country with high cases, deaths and scarcity of resources being reported, healthcare workers played an immense role in saving lives of people affected by the virus.

Doctors, nurses and healthcare staff were all overworked and exhausted by serving patients without any break.

A role that was unaccounted for in this fight against COVID was the role of pharmacists who worked day and night to provide medicines essential for treatment without getting any limelight for the tireless, backend job they were performing.

To shed light on the role that pharmacists play in the healthcare sector and promote the commitment that pharmacists display, World Pharmacists Day is celebrated on 25th September every year.

The date was so decided after the foundation of International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) on the same date in 1912 at Hague, Netherlands. The FIP represents over a million pharmacists all around the world and works for better working conditions in addition to protecting their rights.

When was the first Pharmacists day celebrated?

The proposal to commemorate a day to remember people involved in the profession of pharmacy was given at 2009 FIP Council in Turkey.

The proposal was approved by the members of council keeping in mind one of their key agendas- advocacy and advancement of the role of pharmacists at a global level.

Since 2010, Pharmacists day has been marked every year to celebrate the profession across the world.

Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health

Theme for this year

The theme chosen for this year’s pharmacist day is “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health” in line with the growing concerns over the efficacy of medicines amidst the pandemic.

This theme aims to establish the trust that people need to have in healthcare providers at any given point of time, especially becoming important in the times of pandemic.

Pharmacists – The Backbone of Health system

Role of pharmacists in the COVID pandemic

Pharmacists have played the role of essential workers by providing medicines to improve the condition of patients suffering from any kind of disease or discomfort.

They have also played the role of medicine provider but also prescriber in dire situations. Many countries like the Philippines have also deployed pharmacists to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Pharmacists have played diverse roles of providing lifesaving medicines in times of need, giving correct information about the consumption of medicine, identifying any adverse effects that medicines may cause, providing medical help in times of need making it essential to highlight the role that they play in the healthcare sector through a day to celebrate their profession.

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