Tips for Headphone use: ENT specialist

This headache initiates because headphones exert pressure on your ear by creating an air vacuum. 

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Tips for Headphone use: ENT specialist

HYDERABAD: Earphones have become our BFFs. We use them to focus, tune out, avoid interaction, get over a heartbreak, and carry them wherever we go. But listening to music on your earphones on for a prolonged period can have a huge effect on your long-term health.

Dr Vijayalakshmi, an ENT specialist, has been receiving a high number of cases of people suffering from ear problems during the pandemic. She advises to ration your listening time on earphones. “Listening to music at a high volume on your earphones or headphones first influences your ears. 

The hearing limit of the ears is around 90 decibels that decrease to 40 to 50 decibels by consistent headphones use. Soon, sounds from afar might be inaudible and can lead to deafness,” she says.

The electromagnetic waves emanating from earphones and headphones badly affect the cerebrum, which directly affects your mind. Headaches caused due to wearing headphones for a long time can turn into migraines.

This headache initiates because headphones exert pressure on your ear by creating an air vacuum. These headaches feel like the ones you get when you have not drank enough water.

Dr Sumalatha, a general physician shares that she receives not less than five to seven complaints on a daily basis. Not only the people working from home, but students who are attending online classes also suffer from regular headaches.

“The number of complaints on some days were unbelievable. Small kids who were attending online classes had severe complaints, which were not only due to the excess amount of screen time but using headphones to play games on a high volume. 

It is definitely not advised to use headphones for a long time. Even when they have these headphones on for quite a long time, it is advised to keep taking breaks whenever necessary because direct sounds on the eardrum are very harmful.

Using headphones for a prolonged period won’t create a problem now, but in the long run, you’ll face many issues with your eardrums and your sensory abilities will decrease. Using headphones continuously can also affect the brains and other parts of the body,” says Sumalatha. 

Tips for headphone use

  • Avoid using headphones for a prolonged period
  • Try using earphones with buds
  • Always set a volume limit
  • Opt for noise-cancelling headphones
  • Never sleep with your headphones on
  • Keep adjusting your headphones to reduce the pressure on ears
  • Take regular breaks

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