Govt applies quantitative restriction on export of certain types of syringes

Restriction on export of certain types of syringes

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New Delhi: Central Government has put in place a quantitative restriction on export of syringes in an attempt to ensure ample domestic availability and uptake.

This is in line with ‘Antyodaya’ philosophy adopted by the government under which it plans to cover the entire population of the country with vaccination reaching India’s last citizen.

India has so far administered nearly 94 crore vaccine doses, closing on the 100 crore doses administration mark. The restriction on syringe exports can be attributed to the fact that they are vital to sustain the momentum of the C-19 vaccination program.

Government of India has enacted this quantitative restriction on the export of 0.5 ml/ 1ml AD (auto – disable) syringes, 0.5 ml/1 ml/2 ml/3 ml disposable syringes and 1ml/2 ml/3 ml RUP (re-use prevention) syringes to ensure ample supply for C-19 vaccination.

This quantitative restriction on the export of certain types of specified syringes will be applied for a limited duration of three months.

The government further clarified that the syringes of denominations and types other than those mentioned above are not covered under quantitative restriction and can be exported freely.

Earlier this week when the Directorate General of Foreign Trqade (DGFT) issued a notification that amended the export policy for syringes with or without needles from “free” or “restricted”.

The syringe manufacturers expressed disappointment over the government’s decision to restrict the export of syringes asserting that it will tarnish domestic syringe makers reputation by making them undependable and urged the government to lift the restriction on non-C-19 sizes of syringes like insulin syringes, 5ml and large syringe sizes or 0.3 ml AD syringes.

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