10 Ways & Tips to get Healthy-Lustrous Hair

Our hair faces various factors & situations which weakens the hair follicle & shafts internally

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Healthy-Lustrous Hair

Strong, Healthy, Smooth & Lustrous hair is what everyone craves for. Maintaining & grooming your hair to keep them Strong, healthy & lustrous is a ‘simple technique but difficult to practice’. 

So, what’s difficult in this simple technique that is difficult to follow? Answer to this question is regularity and regime building. Actually, haircare is not a one day practice it’s a regime & habit building.

What’s The Need for Haircare Regime?

Our grandmothers or people in villages never use any kind of fancy products, still they have lustrous healthy hair. Then, why do we need to follow a haircare regime & use several haircare products to keep our hair healthy & shiny?

Our hair faces various factors & situations which weakens the hair follicle & shafts internally, viz,

  1. Hair styling & Heating products.
  2. Chemical dyes & Hair colour.
  3. Environmental pollutants.
  4. Harmful sun rays like- Infra Red Rays.
  5. Hair wash with Underground Hard water.
  6. Harsh Sulphate based Hair cleansers.
  7. Product build up on follicles due to silicone products.

So, people living in urban area faces various environmental challenges daily due to which the natural strength & shine of hair start loosing & many a times they face problem of early baldness or premature greying of hair. Below are the few tips to follow to get Healthy, lustrous & smooth hair –

Ways & Tips for Healthy-Lustrous Hair

1. Do not comb wet hair

Combing wet hair makes them brittle & weak from roots that makes them more prone to breakage.

Tip – use wooden or neem wood comb to detangle hair to avoid buildup of static charge in them, as this makes hair frizzy.

2. Use ammonia free hair colour

For covering grey hair or even for a global hair colour, go for a product that is ammonia free and less harsh.

Tip – follow the usage method on the label & never exceed the application time as it makes hair brittle & scalp sensitive.

3. A warm oil massage before Head wash

Massage your head with warm oil at least two hours before washing your hair. Head massage with warm oil have several benefits for both hair & scalp health. If you have dry frizzy hair its best to apply oil over night (use pure organic certified oils & avoid mineral oils).

Tip – applying a hot wet towel over massaged hair, makes them stronger & shinier.

4.   Apply Hair mask at least once a week –

Applying a protein or vitamin hair mask at least once a week replenishes nutrients in the hair and is good for healthy hair. Various mask like keratin protein, soy protein, lupine protein or omega-3,6,9 mask with vitamin B or Vitamin E, makes hair stronger, smooth & shiny.

Tip – always look for an option that is paraben & silicone free as they protect hair from product build up on hair shafts.

5. Never rub your hair back & forth between palms

Rubbing hair back & forth leads to breakage & formation of split ends. Always move your palms from upwards to downwards while applying shampoo, conditioner or oil.

Tip – Always pat dry your hair with towel -never rub them. Friction causes split ends & damaged hair.

6. Never forget or miss conditioning of hair

Conditioners helps in taming frizzy hair that happens due to anionic surfactants in our shampoos.  Cationic properties of conditioner help in settling the positively charged hair & makes them smoother & shinier.

Tip – go with a silicone free conditioners & never apply conditioners on scalp as this will make your scalp oily & sticky.

7. Protect your hair from sun exposure or excessive heat

Harmful Infrared & UV rays from sun exposure harm hair & may cause premature greying of hair. Also, use warm water instead of hot or cold water for washing hair. Hair doesn’t like extreme hot or cold weather it is styling product, water or heat of sun.

Tip – Cover your hair with a scarf before going out on a hot sunny day or carry an umbrella. Also use cool setting in your hair blower.

8. Never sleep without removing hair styling products from your hair

Hair styling products have film forming agents that blocks hair follicles. This hampers the health of scalp & hair growth.

Tip – Use a mild Sulphate free shampoo to wash off styling products & chemicals from the hair.

9. Use PH Balancing Sulphate free shampoo after Hair treatments or Styling

Mild sulphate free shampoos are formulated to balance the PH Level which gets disturbed with chemical treatments or highlighting products.

Tip – Buy a shampoo that is Sulphate & Paraben Free & specially formulated for chemically treated hair.

10. Use Silicone free Hair products

Silicones are the oils that are obtained from silica. It gives silky glide to hair. It is said that silicone forms a build up on hair which blocks the hair follicles & blocks moisture to penetrate in the scalp. So use hair shampoo, conditioners, masks, oils, serums that claims silicone free.

Tip There are various silicone alternative present in various products with name- Undecane, Tridecane, c13-15 Alkane Heptyl Undecylenate etc. that are not only naturally derived but organic certified also.

Small tips and tricks help in maintaining the hair health & makes them strong & lustrous. Follow these tips in your daily regime and see the difference in your hair quality. Investing time & money in your hair now will benefit your hair quality in future.

“Hair is the crown you wear every day, so pamper it regularly to look beautiful” – NIDHI GUDWANI


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