Duties of Retail Chemists / Medical Store / Pharmacy

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Duties of Retail Chemists / Medical Store / Pharmacy

We have provided some mandatory duties of Retail chemist / Medical store / Pharmacy, if you don’t follow these duties you may be in trouble in future. Follow these duties for a smooth and peaceful business and have sound sleep. Let’s have a look on these duties:

1. Display your valid license with photograph of pharmacist issued under Drugs and Cosmetics Act by the competent Licensing Authority on a prominent place clearly visible to the customers at the Medical Store / Pharmacy.

2. Display the registration certificate of your pharmacist having his / her photograph on a prominent place clearly visible to the customers at the Medical Store / Pharmacy.

3. Always purchase the drugs from the authorized source having valid Wholesale Drug License.

4. Always place the purchase order to the wholesaler / distributor on a signed written format with name, quantity and company of the drug.

5. Always compare the quantity, Batch no., Expiry, Name of company of purchased drug with received invoice.

6. Always stock the drugs in proper storage conditions as per Rule-96, Schedule-P of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and as mentioned on the label of the drugs.

7. Never destroy / throw the secondary packing unless the complete quantity of drug is sold as the secondary packing / outer printed carton etc. are having various important information and also required for proper storage.

8. Always stock veterinary drugs in a separate rack / cupboard / box that too in the rear part of shop having a proper label “Veterinary drugs not for human use

9. Always keep expired drugs in a separate box/cupboard in a separate corner having proper label in red colour “Expired: not for sale

10. Never keep your food articles, drinking water and oily injections e.g. Progestrone, Nandrolone, Decanoate etc. in a refrigerator in which drugs are stocked. Never switch off your refrigerator during night time. Also avoid stocking drugs on or in the back of the refrigerator as refrigerator emits heat which may affect the quality / potency of drug.

11. Never keep / stock drugs exposed to direct sunlight as it may affect the quality / potency of drug.

12. Always keep the record required for Schedule H1 drugs as per the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

13. Never refuse to issue cash memo of the drug to the customers. Format of the cash memo should be as per provisions of Rule 65 of Drug and Cosmetics Rules and must be having information of Name, Address of shop, License No., GST no. (if required), Name & Address of Customer / Patient, Name & Address of Prescriber with Registration no. of Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP), Sr. No., Quantity, Name of drug, Batch no., Expiry date, Manufacturing company code, Subtotal, Grand total and signature of Registered Pharmacist.

14. Always issue the cash memo in chronological order and never leave any cash memo blank in between for misuse.

15. Always educate / advise the customer / patient regarding:

i. Dose of the drug
ii. Method of consumption of the drug
iii. The side effects of the drug
iv. The contraindications of the drug

16. Always stock Schedule X drugs in a separate cupboard / almirah with lock and key and keep their record as required under provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

17. Never sell the drugs containing Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS Act) which are capable of being misused as Medical Intoxicants without the valid prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP).

18. Never sell a Schedule H, H1, X drug without the prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) and without issuing cash memo and keep the required record for Schedule H1 & X drugs as per provision of Drug and Cosmetics Act.

19. Always sell the drugs in the supervision of Registered Pharmacist as the Registered Pharmacist is the custodian of drugs and responsible for purchase, stocking, sale and maintenance of quality of drug.

20. Never purchase, stock and sell a drug which you cannot consume yourself and for your family when required.

Issued by: FDA Haryana, India

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