FDA cancels licenses of 2 Blood Cantres, suspends 12 firms

These Blood centres has failed to meet the mandatory requirements


Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by The Health Master

PUNE The Maharashtra Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has cancelled the licenses of two Blood Centres (Blood Banks), suspended 12 firms and issued show-cause notices to 25 firms for violating various laws.

The two blood centres whose licenses were cancelled were located in Pune and Sangli districts.

Also, the Maharashtra FDA has been able to inspect only 35 per cent of the firms that they were aiming to inspect due to the second C-19 wave’s impact in the months of April, May and June this year.

SB Patil, joint commissioner, Pune Maharashtra FDA, said, “The licenses of the two blood centres were cancelled as they failed:

  • To meet the mandatory requirements like enough testing staff for blood testing, blood collection at the camps and also the nursing staff.
  • They also did not have the staff for proper record keeping.
  • While one of the blood centres is from Pune, one is from Sangli.

Apart from this, Maharashtra FDA has also suspended the following licenses:

  • 5 allopathic firms,
  • 3 blood centres,
  • 2 blood storage centres and
  • 1 homoeopathic unit and
  • 1 cosmetics unit.

“We have also issued show-cause notices to 25 more firms and are awaiting a reply,” he said.

Patil added that action was taken from April to September this year. “However, we could complete the inspection of only 35% of the targeted firms by September because we got to work only in the past three months due to the impact of the serious second C-19 wave,” said Patil.

Out of the 538 firms that are located within the Pune division, 278 were expected to be done by September 2021 but only 96 were done.

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