5 Reasons & Healing Tips for Cracked Heels

Our feet take us out through the toughest paths.

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5 Reasons & Healing Tips for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a common problem in all ages. It is a major turn off as it overshadows the overall personality of a person.

It not only looks bad but also feels bad as cracked heels if become deeper, causes lot of pain and discomfort. What are the various reasons that causes cracked heels?

Reasons & Tips for cracked heels

Taking care of heels is generally missed by most of the people in their beauty regime. Just like Face, Heels also demands equal amount of attention. Everyone wishes for soft and flawless heels.

Easy tips and little change in habits help in fixing the problem of cracked heels. Below are the several reasons responsible for cracked heels & tips to fix them –

1.    Dehydrated Heels

Loss of water from epidermis results in dehydrated and dry skin. This type of skin is prone to damage like cracking.

If it remains dehydrated for longer time then cracks start appearing on the heels which gets deeper with time.

Tip – Always keep your feet hydrated as it maintains the elasticity of skin and keeps the heels soft and smooth. Use a Hydrating gel or cream to solve the purpose.

2.    Loss of Hydration

After hydrating the feet and heels, it is very important to seal the hydration in the skin to prevent TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss).

A barrier needs to be applied onto the heels that prevents loss of hydration from the skin. This Loss of hydration can be prevented with application of any deep moisturizing cream.

Tip – Application of a good nourishing foot cream or foot balm over hydrating cream as it has good percentage of occlusive that seals the moisture in the skin and helps in the healing action of dry cracked heels.

3.    Deposition of dirt & dead skin

Wearing open-heeled footwear exposes heels to a lot of mud and dirt. Deposition of this dirt and dead skin leads to the formation of hard skin on the heels, which results in cracked heels over time. This dirt and mud need to be removed with exfoliation regularly.

Tip – Exfoliating with a Foot Scrub at least twice a week will uncover new and smoother skin underneath. This will help in cleaner and smoother heels which will solve the problem of cracked heels.

4.    Skin on Heels is harder & dryer than other areas

Skin on our heels is harder & dryer as compared to other areas. This is because this area gets the maximum amount of friction while walking.

This develops callus on them. Callus is the hard & dead skin. This skin tends to split & crack when our body weight apply pressure on it. So, our heels need more care and deeper moisturization.

Tip – After a hectic day soak heels in a bucket of warm water. This will hydrate heels & provide relaxation with deep cleansing. Hard-dead skin will also get soften, this should be removed with a pumice stone or a foot scraper.

5.    Short size or uncomfortable footwears

Wearing footwears that are shorter than heels, puts pressure on them. This also expose them to dirt & germs & slowly heels tend to crack.

Wearing uncomfortable and smaller size shoes enhances friction on the heels. This makes the skin on heels hard & develops callus.

Tip – Always wear shoes that are of correct size & support your heels. It should always be a bit longer than your heels.

Our feet take us out through the toughest paths.

It carries our weight and reveals our personality. Pamper them, hydrate them, nourish them and comfort them to take out the best within yourself. Small tips and tricks will give you the smoothest & softest heels you ever wanted.

“Be sure you keep your feet in the right state to stand firm”
Nidhi Gudwani


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