Researchers developed Nasal Spray to guard against Covid-19

We are thrilled to be working with Birmingham Biotech to bring the anti-viral nasal spray to individuals round the world.

Nasal Spray Medicine
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The spray is meant to figure by encapsulating and deactivating the virus while it’s still within the nose, preventing its wider uptake within the body. With the nose being a serious viral entry point for viruses like SARS-CoV-2, it’s a perfect target for approaches designed to scale back person-to-person transmission.

The formulation was engineered by professor Liam Grover, from the university’s Healthcare Technologies Institute, and a team of researchers who also collaborated on its testing.

Professor Grover said: “As COVID-19 restrictions around the world are gradually lifting, there’s a true need for effective methods of viral protection. While existing measures like wearing masks and handwashing remain essential, this nasal spray provides a further protective measure with the potential to scale back transmission.

We are thrilled to be working with Birmingham Biotech to bring the anti-viral nasal spray to individuals round the world.”

Birmingham Biotech director Michael Hsu added: “We are delighted to enter into a partnership with the University of Birmingham and are ready to work alongside its world-leading academic researchers to advance medical innovations.

We’ve a shared commitment to bring our proprietary anti-Covid-19 nasal spray to as many of us as possible at a reasonable price, and we specialize in developing markets with the greatest need.”

The spray consists of two compounds, the primary being a polysaccharide gel, which may ‘plume’ instead of ‘jet spray’ when applied with a typical nasal spray applicator.

It’s retained on the mucous-coated epithelia within the nose, where it coats and retains the virus, so it doesn’t travel further down the tract . The second compound may be a potent antiviral called carrageenan.

In a study, the researchers confirmed the complete inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 activity provided by carrageenan and, therefore, the ability of the formulation to stop contraction and transmission in cell culture.

They also confirmed that the spray covers a area that’s sixfold greater than when formulated without the gel.

The contract covers the whole duration of the patents and provides Birmingham Biotech with exclusive rights to market and sell the anti-viral nasal spray worldwide, apart from India.

Birmingham Biotech plans to determine a venture with the University of Birmingham to commercialise new products supported by property and technical knowledge from the university.

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