Retired Pharmacists to motivate serving Pharmacists

The government, as well as the employees, can take advice and suggestions from the retired pharmacists.

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Kerala: A group of retired pharmacists in Kerala has formed an association with members from all districts in the state.

This association aims to make pharmaceutical care services more efficient and motivate hospital pharmacists in government healthcare institutions to provide better pharmacy services to patients.

The association is called the Senior Pharmacists Organization (SPO). A state level committee has been registered with the government to carry out its agenda.

However, until the corona virus is completely eliminated from the earth, the association will work only online because most of the members are above 60 years.

The digital platform will be an online facility for all the hospital pharmacists to depend on for any assistance or advice.

It will also provide suggestions and advice to the health department for the betterment of service activities, says K Premanandan, general secretary of the association. 

“We will work as a motivator for the working pharmacists. Our expertise and knowledge can be used again for the benefit of the public.

The government can utilize our resources for quality services and the welfare of the employees. We are preparing a proposal in this regard to be submitted to the government, ” he said.

B Rajan, former assistant director of pharmacy and president of the Kerala State Pharmacy Council, has opined that this is a novel initiative by the retired pharmacists which has to be welcomed by all.

The government, as well as the employees, can take advice and suggestions from the retired pharmacists.

He said their interest in helping the department even after they retire from service has to be recognized. Rajan is also one of the office-bearers.

Last Monday, as part of the national pharmacy week celebration, SPO conducted an online seminar which was inaugurated by the former president of the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and attended by the State Drug Controller, P M Jayan.

In the discussion that followed, the senior pharmacists said an action plan for good pharmacy services (GPS) should be prepared by the department of health and should be implemented immediately.

Patients should also be educated on how to use medicines properly in a scientific way, for which counseling should be given to them by the pharmacists. SPO is preparing a proposal in this regard to be submitted to the health minister.

SPO secretary said 70 per cent of the dispensers in medical shops in Kerala are not qualified pharmacists because the state pharmacy council is not efficient in implementing Section 42 of the Pharmacy Act.

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