8 ways to prevent skin problems from face mask

Read the skin care tips & precautions that can prevent your mask from causing any sort of harm to your skin.

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8 ways to prevent skin problems from face mask

Wearing a face mask is a necessity nowadays. Wearing a mask is one of the important precautions that a person has to take against the spread of the coronavirus and its variants.

Wearing a face mask for long hours can be harsh on your skin

Wearing a face mask gives rise to various skin related problems too.

It can cause various skin problems like acne, peeling or flaking of skin, rashes, itchiness, dry lips etc. It is commonly called as ‘MASKNE’.

Below are certain skin care tips & precautions that can prevent your mask from causing any sort of harm to your skin.

1. Clean your face with gentle & a mild Facewash at least twice a day

Washing your face with a mild, naturally fragranced & Sulphate free cleanser will remove all the dirt, pollutants, sweat & free radicals from your skin.

It will help in curbing bacterial proliferation that further leads to skin damage. Wash face twice a day- morning & evening and even after sweating.

Washing face is must before wearing & after removing face mask.

2. Moisturize your face every time after facewash

Dry skin is a contributing factor that leads to skin flaking & peeling. It happens due to friction of mask with the skin.

Keeping skin hydrated & moisturized is most important to prevent maskne in dry skin.

Regular application of moisturizing cream adds a protective layer to reduce dryness. This helps in increasing skin’s strength & resilience.

Applying moisturizer is must every time you wash your face.

3. Look for moisturisers that have humectants

Humectants helps in keeping the skin well hydrated by binding the water molecules in the skin.

This helps skin cells to rejuvenate and develop its own protective function against any external damage.

You can look for following ingredients while choosing a moisturiser that will protect skin from flaking after wearing a mask:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Acetamidoethoxyethanol
  • Sodium PCA
  • Glyceryl Glucoside
  • Ceramides
  • Glycerine

To prevent breakouts from moisturizer, use a moisturizer to suit your skin type.

4. Don’t forget to protect your lips by applying lip mask / butter

Dry chapped lips are common skin problem that occurs due to wearing mask for long duration.

Apply nourishing lip balm or lip mask to your lips to keep them moisturized & plump

Lip scrub should be used to remove dry flaky skin from the lips.

5. Avoid application of makeup when wearing a mask

Makeup can clog your pores and lead to breakouts specially while wearing a mask.

If not necessary try to avoid application of makeup or any kind of products with pigments.

If unavoidable then use makeup products that are labelled “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores”

6. Avoid using any skin care products that can irritate your skin

Wearing a face mask can make skin extremely sensitive. So, refrain from using any harsh products on skin like After shave, chemical peel or exfoliators with retinol, AHA, BHA etc for the first time without doing a patch test.

Apply such products during bedtime as you don’t need to wear mask over it.

7. Wear the right mask

Choose your mask wisely to reduce skin problems, look for masks that has:

  • A well fitted but comfortable fit.
  • At least two layers of fabric.
  • Soft, natural, and breathable fabric.

Cotton is a skin friendly fabric that do not harm skin (if used in hygienic condition).

Always use a clean washed mask every time or you can also use disposable mask.

8. After every 4 hours take a 15-minute mask free break

It is found that removing mask for 15 minutes after every 4 hours of continuously wearing mask helps save their skin.

This will help skin to get rid of sweat & skin will feel fresh in open air. Only remove the mask when it is safe to do so and after washing your hands.

Wear different mask with different types of ties and ear loops to stop soreness behind the ears.

Above discussed ways will protect your skin from the various skin problems that occurs due to wearing of face mask.  

Skincare regime is even more important in this tough time of pandemic. Keep yourself safe from the virus & your skin safe from the MASKNE.

Take care of yourself and your skin too.


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