Chemotherapy, radiation may not be required to treat cancer: Research

After its successful experiment on rats, efforts are now being intensified to apply it on the human body.

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A team of 11 scientists from the Cleveland Clinic in the US and a researcher from Allahabad University (AU) have found a way in which chemotherapy and radiation therapy will not be required to kill cancer cells.

The work of the team led by Yang Li, Professor of Cancer Biology at the Cleveland Clinic, and assisted by Munish Pandey, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, AU, has been published in the prestigious journal ‘Oncogene by Nature‘.

The research bears significance as it promises a treatment using which cancer patients will be saved from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

After its successful experiment on rats, efforts are now being intensified to apply it to the human body.

Pandey said: “The study may give relief to cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses radiation and other drugs, which have many side effects and evoke immune system responses that cause severe pain and allergic reactions.

The team had earlier developed knockout mice for miR-21 and the same was published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal. MicroRNA-21 (small non-coding RNA) is one of the most abundant microRNAs in mammalian cells that regulates apoptosis (programmed cell death) and oncogenic effects.

“I have worked along with the American scientists and invented an alternative to chemotherapy and drugs in the treatment of cancer, which damage normal cells along with cancer cells during cancer treatment.

This successful experiment was done by a team of 11 scientists at the Cleveland Clinic and Yang Li. Our team while experimenting on mice injected its anti-sense into mice to make miR-21 ineffective.” Following this, it was found that the tumour formed in the body of the rat gradually became smaller and some tumours disappeared completely.

This experiment went on for a year in America. However, it has not yet been used on the human body. Now the effort has been intensified to apply it on the human body, Pandey said.

He added that due to cancer, tumours are formed in the body which are eliminated through chemotherapy and drugs. In this process of treatment, along with cancer cells, normal cells are also damaged, which has a negative effect on the body.

The group is working on other programmed cell death mechanisms, microRNAs and chemeric antigen T-cell therapy to tackle carcinogenicity in mice model.

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