FDA asks Chemists and Hospitals to ramp up medicine supply

Pratapwar said the FDA will keep a check on black marketing and illegal hoarding of the stock.

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PUNE In the light of the surge in the number of C-19 cases, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked private hospitals and chemists to ramp up medicine supply in the coming days.

According to the FDA commissioner, private hospitals and chemists in the Pune district currently have around 28,000 vials of Remdesivir while stock at public hospitals stands at 1.10 lakh.

“There is an ample stock of eight different kinds of drugs required in the treatment of C-19,” said Shyam Pratapwar, joint commissioner, FDA.

The Maharasjtra FDA and authorities held a meeting this week to take a review of medicine stocks currently available at private hospitals.

He said that as far as Remdesivir, a key drug that saw tremendous scarcity during the second wave, is concerned, there are over 28,000 vials currently available on the market in the Pune district. Beside Remdesivir, there are around 135 tocilizumab vials available.

“Considering the experience during the first and second waves, we have asked private hospitals and chemists with a license to ramp up the stock of eight drugs, including Remdesivir, proportionate to their beds,” said Pratapwar.

During the second wave, Pune and the rest of the state witnessed a shortage of this expensive and much-hyped antiviral drug, which was prescribed on a large scale by doctors, leading to scarcity. This effect also led to its black marketing and overcharging.

Pratapwar said the FDA will keep a check on black marketing and illegal hoarding of the stock.







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