Steps for Skincare Regime (Part-2)

Skin rituals that need to be followed monthly

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Continued ……………Steps for Skincare Regime (Part-1)

What to be Followed – Daily / Weekly / Monthly?

Good skin needs a regime, not a miracle. We all know this. There are various steps to be followed regularly in a skincare regime. They are:

  • 1. Cleansing
  • 2. Toning
  • 3. Hydrating
  • 4. Moisturizing
  • 5. Target concerns
  • 6. Skin masking
  • 7. Exfoliation
  • 8. Self-evaluation
  • 9. Expiry check

Out of above steps we have already discussed about the importance & frequency of 1st to 5th step in detail.

Let’s discuss the next steps & their frequency.

Skin rituals that need to be followed weekly are as followed –


Exfoliation or scrubbing skin is an important step in skincare as it helps in removing the skin impurities.

Our skin sheds dead cells which often gets piled up on the skin’s surface & between the pores. This becomes major reason for skin breakouts & obstruct the way of skincare products to penetrate & work.

Scrubbing face helps in unclogging the pores & allows new skin cells to surface. Process of exfoliation cleanses pores which helps in minimizing its appearance & eventually prevents skin from breakouts.

Scrubbing is important to clear out the dry- dead cells from the skin as they block amazing ingredients from your skincare to penetrate into the skin.

Clearing the pores & removal of dead skin cells helps in reaping the maximum benefits from any skincare product you slather on it.   

What Is The Difference Between Face & Body Exfoliators?

Can we use face scrub on body & Body Scrub on face?

Face skin is comparatively delicate & soft from rest of the body. So, it needs to be handled with little more care.

Keeping this in mind the mesh size (particle size) of scrubbing agent used in a face scrub is finer than that used in a body scrub. This ensures that scrubbing does not becomes harsh on skin.

So, using body scrub on the face will be abrasive. In alternate case if we face scrub on our body, it might not do the exfoliation efficiently. In either case purpose will not be solved. Therefore, always use face scrubs on face & body scrubs on body.


1. Face Exfoliation

Face scrubs – Twice every Week

Chemical Peels – Totally as prescribed by a dermatologist (never use chemical peels without consulting your skin expert as they may cause irritation & allergy)

*Note: Never use both types of exfoliators together.

2. Body Exfoliation – Twice every week


After scrubbing your face, never forget to mask the skin using a face mask or face pack. They basically detoxify the skin, provide coolness to the skin and tone it for a firmer, & radiant look.

It helps skin to regain the hydration & firmness. Clays in the skin helps in skin cleansing & tightening. This step of skin masking replenishes skin after exfoliation.

Skin mask can be in various forms:

  • Clay creamy mask
  • Clay powder mask
  • Gel mask
  • Peel off mask
  • Sheet mask
  • Ubtan
  • Body wrap

Types of Face Mask are-

Clay creamy mask, Clay powder mask, Gel mask, Peel off mask, Sheet mask, Ubtan etc.

Types of Body Mask are-

Ubtan, Body wraps etc.

Use any type of mask from the list but be sure not to skip this step specially after exfoliation.


Face/ Body Mask – Twice weekly & specially after exfoliation.

Tip – Ubtans are obtained by finely grinding the herbs, fruits, clays, flowers etc. they can be used as both exfoliators & face/body mask. One product with multiple usage.

Tip to follow weekly

Always take a day off from any kind of makeup or pigments. Pamper your skin with a makeup free day.


Skin rituals that need to be followed monthly are as followed –


In the daily skincare ritual topic, we have discussed that to target & solve particular type of skin concern one should use serums, mist, night creams etc that contains the Active Ingredients with good efficacy data for that particular skin concern. This efficacy data is mentioned by the skincare company.

For Example –

Claim – A skincare brand claims that their Anti- ageing cream can fight signs of ageing like fine lines & crow’s feet. Its efficacy data shows that in 45 days it visibly reduces fine lines & crow’s feet wrinkles if we use it twice daily.

Self-Evaluation – One should always do a before & after self-evaluation while using such skincare products.

Like – click a photograph before using the product. Then click it again after 30 days & then on the day as per the claim (as in above case click another photograph on day 45).

Now you can compare the difference as on Day 0 to Day 30 to Day 45.

Use the product religiously as instructed on the label then, after a period of one month evaluate the visual difference of that product on your skin. This helps in assessing that a product is actually showing any difference or you need to switch.


Self-Evaluation1 – Observe & keep a record of your skin condition on Day 0.

Self-evaluation 2 – Self-evaluate the changes in skin condition on day 30.

Self-evaluation 3 – On the day as claimed in the efficacy data.

Compare to see whether the product is actually working or not.


All the cosmetic products come with their manufacturing & expiry date. Expiry date can also be seen written as Use Best before date.

So basically, this is the date from which we should discontinue the use of that particular product.

Decide a fixed date of every month (like on 4th day of every month) to check all the cosmetic & skincare products for their expiry. Discard & discontinue any product that has reached its expiry.

Using an expired product can do more harm than benefit to your skin. So, check the date of all the products in your vanity every month.


Expiry check – Once every month.

“Your skin is Your Best Accessory. Take Good Care Of It”.


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