Is replacing sugar with stevia a good idea?

Some studies even suggest that consuming a lot of added sugar can cause inflammation, chromium deficiency and cavity issues.

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Be it a spoonful of sugar in your morning tea or the little tint of crushed sugar in those gooey cinnamon buns, refined sugar has never been cited as a healthy option by nutritionists.

Relishing sugar, however, is not uncommon. After all, sugar not only induces drug-like effects in the human brain but also acts as an aphrodisiac.

But unfortunately, while it stimulates paramount happiness within the body, it has its adverse effects like any other drug. And this makes many resort to artificial sweeteners and stevia instead.

The crimes of excess sugar cannot be vindicated, from debilitating your immunity by interfering with the digestive system, to fostering obesity.

Some studies even suggest that consuming a lot of added sugar can cause inflammation, chromium deficiency and cavity issues.

In fact, a World Health Organization advisory recommends that children and adults across the globe take their sugar intake to less than 5 percent of their total energy intake.

The recommendation is structured upon the direct causation between increasing high-sugar and high-fat consumption and rising obesity issues. But does switching to other sweeteners cut these health risks?

Should you replace sugar with healthy sweeteners like stevia?

Then again, considering healthier alternatives for table sugar or refined sugar- can not only considerably reduce the calorie intake but also balance your food cravings while staying fit.

Low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) are a revolutionary set of products that can enable a sustainable journey towards a better lifestyle.

Adding a healthy cherry, on the sugar-free cake-top, LCS products like stevia also weaken the extremely detrimental triglycerides, while improving high-density lipoprotein- the good kind of cholesterol.

In addition to its organic nature, and calorie-free qualities, stevia also ensures a balanced blood-sugar level.

Why is stevia a better sweetener than sugar?

One of the most popular low-calorie sweeteners, stevia leaves are not only 200 times sweeter than white sugar but also a sustainable herbal addition to every diet. Unlike normal sugar, it does not have negative effects on the body.

Despite the increased levels of sweetness, it also has a very low-calorie count pushing it in the ‘zero-calorie’ category.

As mentioned, stevia’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body can help you all your favorite food items- be it coffee, cakes, or pastries intelligently – you can now savor them all without feeling guilty about the calorie count or negative effects of blood sugar levels.

In addition, stevia is known to reduce bacterial formation in the mouth preventing cavities caused by excess sugar.

Stevia products definitely hold an edge over traditional white sugar with such a maxim of benefits.

It is a solution for people with a sweet tooth who do not want the excess calories or dangers of refined sugar.

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