PCI to introduce Pharmacy Practical Training for D Pharm student

“PCI wants to make the diploma course a full-fledged course by including adequate training in pharmacy practice."

PCI Pharmacy Council of India

Last Updated on December 31, 2023 by The Health Master

The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), in association with the All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD), will shortly introduce a programme of pharmacy practical training (PPT) for the students of diploma course (D Pharm), as part of their curriculum.

This pharmacy in-house-training will be conducted under the supervision of expert pharmacy professionals who will be selected for training purpose by PCI and AIOCD together.

The trainer pharmacists will be educated by the PCI on how to train the diploma students and their pharmacies must fulfill all the parameters put by the council.

“PCI wants to make the diploma course a full-fledged course by including adequate training in pharmacy practice.”

“Currently, nobody knows whether the students complete the training that the curriculum stipulates.”

“In order to streamline and strengthen the practical training, the council seeks the support of the chemists’ body which has more than 12 lakh members in the country and majority of whom are working in villages and urban areas.”

“As far as PCI is concerned the potential of the association can be utilized for strengthening the course. Students hailing from the village areas now face difficulties in completing the practical training.”

“Once the PPT is implemented, it will be easy for the students in getting trained in a well-established pharmacy,” said PCI president Dr. Montu Patel.

He said what is different from the existing training program of 500 hours is that this PPT will be done in well-established retail pharmacies or in major hospital pharmacies under the supervision of long-experienced and skilled pharmacists.

The students on completion of their course can go for this training program which, the PCI hopes, will make the students well-acquainted with the total dispensing system and the functioning of the pharmacies.

For the implementation of the scheme, PCI will sign an MoU with the association and as per it AIOCD will identify excellent pharmacy shops for the training purpose.

These pharmacy shops will be given accreditation by the PCI for the training program. The training course will have separate modules and guidelines and the training centres, whether it is community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy, will have to fulfill all the parameters.

He said the PCI will announce the programme next month and before that the council will reach an understanding with the chemist and druggist organisation.  

Earlier, while speaking at the golden jubilee celebration function of the AKCDA at Thiruvananthapuram, the president of the national pharmacy council said practical training is necessary for the diploma pharmacists because the world is now facing the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

This necessitates for promoting pharmacovigilance as well as patient counseling as a part of the pharmacy course. Since students are the budding pharmacists they should be trained in all the emerging areas of the profession from the beginning.

As regards the training programme, Dr. Montu Patel said that in addition to the 500 hours in-house pharmacy training, the students will be given special lectures on the guidelines and modules by pharmacy experts and academicians.

AIOCD will direct its state branches to identify the medical shops for the training purpose and such centres will be approved or accredited by the PCI. He expressed the hope that with this PPT, a new era will be opened in the domain of Indian pharmacy practice profession.

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