Drug Control Dept initiates stringent measures to combat Pharma abuses and illicit drug trafficking: Bihar

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Pharmaceutical Abuses and Illicit Drug Trafficking

The Department of Drugs Control in Bihar is set to take decisive action against pharmaceutical abuses and illicit drug trafficking within the state.

Ghanashyam Bhagat, the newly appointed drug controller of Bihar, emphasizes the need for a collaborative effort with other departments, particularly the excise department, to wage a comprehensive “war on drugs” campaign.

In this article, we delve into Bhagat’s vision and mission, exploring the steps being taken to address these critical issues.

Formation of Special Team and Enhanced Quality Checks:

Bhagat asserts that a dedicated team of drug inspectors will be established to crack down on illegal drug trafficking.

Simultaneously, the department plans to intensify quality checks in all medical stores to purify the medicine market.

Addressing Long-standing Challenges:

Over the years, the drug control department in Bihar has faced numerous challenges that have affected the officers’ well-being and created legal complexities.

However, Bhagat is confident in his efforts to resolve these issues with the unwavering support of his department and other collaborating departments. He expects the pending matters to be resolved within a few months.

Combatting Illegal Sales and Distribution:

The department has been receiving complaints regarding the illegal sale and distribution of codeine-containing cough preparations and habit-forming drugs in various parts of the state.

To tackle this problem, Bhagat emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts with the excise department and other relevant authorities.

He highlights that pharmaceuticals such as buprenorphine, alprazolam, diazepam, nitrazepam, cyproheptadine, dexamethazone, and spasmoproxivon capsules are prone to misuse.

Addressing Unqualified Sales Personnel:

Bhagat acknowledges that Bihar faces a unique challenge concerning the sale of medicines by unqualified individuals in medical stores.

He explains that it will take a few more years to resolve this issue as the state awaits a sufficient number of qualified pharmacists.

Efforts have been made to address this shortage by establishing 38 new pharmacy colleges in the last four years, offering the D Pharm course.

Gradually, pharmacy education is expanding, and the number of qualified pharmacists is expected to increase within the next three years.

Industry Support and Regulatory Concerns:

Bhagat notes that the pharmaceutical industry in Bihar is predominantly composed of MSME units, which currently face no significant regulatory obstacles.

The government and the Department of Drug Control extend their full support to the industry, anticipating its growth to mirror that of the southern and western states of India.

Bhagat acknowledges that any industry-related problems that exist can be addressed collaboratively by multiple departments.

Filling Vacancies and Strengthening District Offices:

Regarding the vacancies for drug inspectors in the department, Bhagat confirms that the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) has been notified, and applications have been invited with examinations scheduled.

It is expected that 55 drug inspectors will be appointed by the end of this year.

Bhagat also highlights that there are no vacant district offices for Assistant Drug Controllers (ADCs), with almost all districts in Bihar having ADC offices in operation.


With the newly appointed drug controller at the helm, the Department of Drugs Control in Bihar is determined to combat pharmaceutical abuses and eradicate illicit drug trafficking.

Through collaborative efforts with various departments, intensified quality checks, and the establishment of a dedicated team of drug inspectors, the department aims to cleanse the medicine market and protect public health.

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