CDSCO orders transfer of 33 Deputy Drugs Controllers: List here

The strategic reassignments of the 33 Deputy Drugs Controllers (India) aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of CDSCO headquarters.

CDSCO Central Drug Standard Control Organisation

Last Updated on December 31, 2023 by The Health Master

Transfer of 33 Deputy Drugs Controllers

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) recently issued an order for the transfer and promotion of 33 Deputy Drugs Controllers (India) (DDC-Is) within its office.

This strategic move aims to optimize the functioning of various divisions at the CDSCO headquarters.

The transfers involve officials from different zones and divisions, with each individual being reassigned to a specific role within the organization.

This article provides a detailed overview of the transfers and the new responsibilities undertaken by the officials.

Transfer list as under:

  1. Dr. Rubina Bose: From International Cell, Biological Division (Vaccine), Stem Cell, Blood Products and QA division to Vaccine, NRA Assessment, and QA division at CDSCO headquarters.
  2. Annan Visala: From Enforcement Division, Legal Cell, Ethics Committee, and Biological Division (r-DNA) to r-DNA and Cellular Therapy and Investigational New Drugs at CDSCO headquarters.
  3. Ankit Sharma: From FDC Division to Subject Expert Committee division at CDSCO headquarters.
  4. Dr. Ajay Sachan: Transferred from the Indore sub-zone to Enforcement-RBI and Intelligence Cell at CDSCO headquarters.
  5. A. Senkathir: Relocated from West Zone, Mumbai, with temporary charge of GMSD (Government Medical Store Depots), Mumbai, to oversee Legal and Parliamentary matters at CDSCO headquarters.
  6. Dr. Rikta Saha: Transferred from the Ethics Committee to the Cosmetics division at CDSCO headquarters.
  7. Aseem Sahu: Moved from the Cosmetics Division, Medical Devices (IVDs) to the Medical Devices section at CDSCO headquarters.
  8. Navneet P Singh: Transferred from the North Zone Ghaziabad and Department of Pharmaceuticals to the GCT & Ethics Committee at CDSCO headquarters.
  9. Dr. B. Kumar: Relocated from South Zone Chennai with additional charge of GMSD, Chennai, to the Import and Registration section at CDSCO headquarters.
  10. V. M. Bharathi: Appointed to the FDC & LVP section at the headquarters, coming from South Zone Chennai.
  11. Jayant Gangakhedkar: Moved from Ahmedabad Zone to handle BA/BE for export and center registration at CDSCO headquarters.
  12. Dr. D. K. Sable: Transferred from North Zone Ghaziabad to the SAE section at CDSCO headquarters.
  13. Dr. Gauri Shankar: Reassigned from Legal Cell, GCT inspection, and Parliament-related works to the Veterinary Cell at CDSCO headquarters.
  14. Swati Srivastava: Transferred from the SAE Division, Veterinary Vaccines, Ayush division to the New Drugs division at CDSCO headquarters.
  15. Sunil M Joshi: Moved from the Import and Registration division to serve as the PRO and CRU at CDSCO headquarters.
  16. Sunil Kulshreshta: Transferred from the Training Cell and PRO Division to Subs. New Drugs at CDSCO headquarters.
  17. Sanjeev Kumar: Relocated from North Zone Ghaziabad to the IT Cell and DCC-DTAB divisions at CDSCO headquarters.
  18. Sushant Sharma: Transferred from Baddi sub-zone to the Ayush division at CDSCO headquarters.
  19. Dr. I. S. Hura: Previously on deputation to FSSAI, Delhi, has been transferred to PVPI at CDSCO headquarters.
  20. Vijay Vithalrao Chandankar: Moved from the Import and registration Division to PSUR at CDSCO headquarters.
  21. Kavita Sharma: Transferred from CRU to handle Public Grievance and RTI at CDSCO headquarters.
  22. B. K. Samantray: Reassigned from GCT division, organization strengthening division, and FDC division to the blood products and blood bank division at CDSCO headquarters.
  23. Arup Kumar Chatterjee: Transferred from BA/BE expert, NOC, and DCGI Secretariat to the East Zone of CDSCO.
  24. K. Narendran: Relocated from Chennai Seaport to North Zone.
  25. Shiv Kumar: Transferred from Guwahati Sub-zone to West Zone 1, which encompasses Chhattisgarh, Goa, Daman and Diu, Silvassa, Nhava Sheva Port, Air Cargo Mumbai, Goa ports, and blood bank, blood products, vaccines, and LVP in the entire West Zone territory. Shiv Kumar also assumes additional charge of GMSD, Mumbai.
  26. Jayant Kumar: Transferred from Ahmedabad Zone to West Zone 2, which covers all remaining activities of the West Zone, excluding West Zone 1. Jayant Kumar also takes on the additional responsibility of GMSD, Mumbai.
  27. Gulshan Taneja: Moved from SAE, CDSCO headquarters to Guwahati Sub-Zone.
  28. Dr. Ravi Kant Sharma: Transferred from East Zone Kolkata with additional charge of the medical device division of CDSCO headquarters to Ahmedabad Zone.
  29. Dr. K. M. Srinivasan: Relocated from the new drugs division to South Zone Chennai with additional charge of GMSD, Chennai.
  30. Meshram Pramod Anand Rao: Transferred from Visakhapatnam port to IVD at CDSCO headquarters.
  31. Gaurav Kumar: Moved from Import Registration and Training and Capacity Building at NIHFW to Indore sub-zone.
  32. Sh. Rajshekhar: Transferred from Hyderabad Airport to Bengaluru sub-zone.
  33. Dr. Santosh Vitthalrao Indraksha: Relocated from DTAB/DCC division, International Cell (written confirmation, BA/BE center registration, NDPS, International Communication) to International Cell and ICDRA, Narcotics at CDSCO headquarters.

The recent transfers and promotions announced by the CDSCO reflect the organization’s commitment to strengthening its operations and optimizing divisional roles.

The strategic reassignments of the 33 Deputy Drugs Controllers (India) aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of CDSCO headquarters.

These changes will contribute to the organization’s ability to regulate and monitor drugs and medical products, ensuring public safety and quality standards are upheld.

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