NSQ drug: FDA takes action against Pharma Company and Medical Store

In September 2020, the lab's report revealed that the tablets were of NSQ quality.

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Not of standard quality (NSQ) drug

In a significant development, the city drug inspector of Noida has taken legal action against several individuals involved in the manufacturing and selling of not of standard quality (NSQ) drugs.

Three employees of a pharmaceutical company were charged for producing inferior-quality Favipiravir tablets at a manufacturing facility in Haridwar.

Additionally, the owner of a medical store in Noida was implicated for selling these NSQ medications.

The accused individuals will now face trial before the chief judicial magistrate (CJM) in Greater Noida.

Discovery of NSQ Favipiravir tablets:

The investigation commenced in June 2020 when a team from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Uttar Pradesh in Noida confiscated a stock of Favipiravir tablets from a medical store in Mangla, Dadri.

The seized tablets were then sent to the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in Lucknow for thorough testing.

In September 2020, the lab’s report revealed that the tablets were of NSQ quality.

It is important to note that tablets are categorized as counterfeit if their salt content is below 70%, whereas they are deemed NSQ if the salt content ranges between 70% and 90%.

Legal Action Against the Culprits:

Upon receiving the report from Lucknow, the investigative team proceeded to the manufacturing unit in Haridwar, where they apprehended three individuals involved in the production process.

The accused included two chemists, one responsible for developing the formula and the other for conducting the analysis, along with a marketing personnel.

Subsequently, the owner of the medical store in Noida, who was selling the NSQ medication, was also booked.

It is worth mentioning that the supply of these tablets to the market was halted immediately after receiving confirmation of their NSQ quality. Currently, the case is under judicial scrutiny, awaiting trial.

Legal Consequences:

In cases involving the manufacture and sale of NSQ drugs, the court has the authority to impose severe penalties on the accused.

If convicted, the culprits could face a life sentence or be fined up to Rs 10 lakh.

Such stringent measures are essential to deter individuals from engaging in the production and distribution of NSQ drugs, as they pose a serious threat to public health and safety.

Another Incident:

Raid on Medical Store in Dadha, Greater Noida:

In a separate incident, which occurred in August 2022, Noida officials conducted a raid on a medical store in Dadha, Greater Noida.

The store was found to be operating without a valid license and was involved in the sale of counterfeit antibiotics.

Samples of Zifi 200 and Zifi-O, commonly used for treating bacterial infections, were seized during the raid. Subsequent testing confirmed that the samples were indeed counterfeit.

The medical store owner, who failed to disclose the source of the drugs, is currently facing legal proceedings.

Anti-Cancer drugs Seized in Tronica City:

In November 2022, the Delhi crime branch seized Lenvatinib Mesylate, an anti-cancer drug, during a raid conducted at a godown in Tronica City.

The FDA in Ghaziabad sent the drug for testing to the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in Lucknow, which reported it as NSQ in February.

Consequently, six individuals, including the godown owner Pabitra Narayan Pradan, were arrested in connection with the case.


The actions taken by the Noida drug inspector against the pharma company and the medical store owner for manufacturing and selling NSQ drugs reflect the commitment to ensuring public safety and upholding the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry.

Such measures are crucial in maintaining the quality of medications and safeguarding the health of the general population.

It is imperative for authorities to continue their vigilant efforts in combating the production and distribution of NSQ drugs, thereby fostering a safe and reliable healthcare system for all.

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