DCOIWA: A grand success of 1st Annual Congress Cum Workshop held at Delhi

DCOIWA appeals to the concerned authorities to officially recognize the association and include it in all future communications.


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Annual Congress by DCOIWA

1st Annual Congress cum Workshop of Drugs Control Officers (1) Welfare Association (DCOIWA) organized by DCOIWA, took place on 08-07-2023 at Hotel Raddison Blu, Pashchim Vihar, Delhi. DCOIWA is a result of the collective efforts of like-minded individuals who came together with a common purpose.

The chief guest and other dignitaries who graced the event were as under:

  • Chief Guest Sh. Hemant Koshia, Commissioner, FDCA Gujarat
  • Guest of Honour Sh. K.R. Chawla, DDC/Head of Office, Drug Department Delhi
  • LOC Chairman, Sh. P.K. Jaggi Retd Assistant Drugs Controller, Delhi
  • LOC Co- Chairman, Sh. Deepak Sharma, Assistant Drugs Controller, Delhi
  • National President of DCOIWA Sh. G. Koteshwar Rao
  • Founder/Member DCOIWA Sh. Lalit Kr. Goel, Deputy State Drugs Controller, FDA Haryana
  • Founder/Member DCOIWA Sh. Rakesh Dahiya, SDCO cum Licensing Authority, FDA Haryana
  • Gen. Secretary, DCOIWA Sh. Baldev Choudhary, DI, FDA Rajasthan


Key note speakers:

  • Investigational Skills’ for Counterfeit Drugs by Shri Om Prakash Sadhwani, Jt. Commissioner (Ex.), FDA, Maharashtra.
  • Motivation of Regulators by Shri A. Manikandan, IAS Chief Development Officer, Agra (UP)
  • Medical Devices Regulations in India by Dr. S. Eswara Reddy, Jt. Drugs Controller (India), CDSCO- Delhi.
  • Good Regulatory Practices by Dr. A. Ramkishan, Deputy Drugs Controller (India), CDSCO-Hyderabad.
  • Industry Expectations from Regulators by Shri Bodh Raj Sikri, Next Wave (India), Delhi.
  • Video message On anti counterfeit measures from Mr Venu Ambati, Vice President, Abbott India
  • On anti counterfeit measures by Ms Neetta Mohit, Director Regulatory Affairs, Abbott India

High lights of the event

In addition, the association has presented awards to the best drug control officers from each state, with nominations made by the respective state presidents based on merits.

The association is deeply concerned about the safety of its members and has urged concerned authorities to provide appropriate facilities such as good offices, proper assistants, and dedicated transportation vehicles to ensure the well-being of drugs control officers.

The association requests that working state drugs control officers be given priority in the recruitment of medical devices inspectors at the central level.

They also suggest that the qualifications of state licensing authorities be reviewed, especially in cases where individuals without a pharmacy background hold such positions. DCOIWA recommends providing proper training on medical devices rules to all state officers by conducting programs within their respective states.

The ultimate goal of a regulator is to ensure that the right medicine reaches the right patient at the right time and cost. DCOIWA emphasizes the urgent need to prioritize the upgradation of state drug testing laboratories and recruit adequate staff.

In conclusion, DCOIWA appeals to the concerned authorities to officially recognize the association and include it in all future communications.

The association boasts a diverse membership comprising retired and working drugs control officers, experienced Central and State Drugs Controllers, Joint Drugs Controllers, Deputy Drugs Controllers, Assistant Drugs Controllers, and Drugs Control Officers. Their expertise can be utilized for technical and administrative policy-making, and they stand ready to assist in any tasks assigned to them.

DCOIWA extends heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, particularly the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), for their support and blessings for the success of this event.

The association also calls upon the Ministry of Health to support capacity building among regulators through scientist workshops, with DCOIWA ready to collaborate in implementing regulations that ensure the quality of medical products in international commerce.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Parmanand Verma, Treasurer of DCOIWA, followed by an interaction session and dinner.

Brief history of the association:

The formation of DCOIWA traces back to March 2019 when a social plot was created on a WhatsApp group by Lalit kr. Goel, FDA Haryana, Rakesh Dahiya, FDA Haryana, and G. Koteshwar Rao, Telangana.

This group initially served as a platform to share condolences messages for the late Smt. Naha Shoree, Zonal Licensing Authority Mohali, Punjab, who was tragically shot dead in her office on 29.03.2019.

The group became more active after three months when G. Koteshwar Rao’s wife, Late Smt. Pallavi Koteshwar Rao, the Deputy Drugs Controller at Telangana, passed away on 3rd July 2019 in a road accident while on duty. The WhatsApp group, initially comprising 60 members, expanded into several subgroups, reaching a total strength of nearly 1500 members.

The group realized that many drug control officers across India had passed away while in service, but the news of their deaths often went unnoticed due to a lack of communication. Through this WhatsApp platform, they discovered the unfortunate loss of several officers, including:

  • Late Shri Rakesh Kumar (Haryana),
  • Late Shri. Rahul Shakapure (New Delhi),
  • Late Smt. Neha Shoreei (Punjab),
  • Late Shri Sudip Ganguly (West Bengal),
  • Late Shri Rampal (Rajasthan),
  • Late Shri R. Dhanpal (Tamil Nadu),
  • Late Shri UB Singh (Uttar Pradesh),
  • Late Shri C. K. Dange (Maharashtra).

Recognizing the need for support and assistance, the WhatsApp platform, under the banner of DCOIWA, extended its help to the families of the deceased officers. Through various fundraising efforts, the association raised funds for their families.

Currently, DCOIWA is focused on a mission to save Baby Garima Verma d/o Sandeep Kumar, a Drugs Inspector at CDSCO Ghaziabad, who is suffering from a rare disease called S Type-1.

DCOIWA, comprising working and retired drugs control officers from Central and State agencies across India, conducted several webinars, quiz programs, and social activities before officially registering as an association on 13th October 2022, with Hyderabad as its headquarters.

The association’s bye-laws prioritize the welfare of its members and continuous education for working drugs control officers.

As part of its expansion, DCOIWA formed state chapters in various states, with a total of 25 Central Executive Committee (CEC) members representing 20 states.

The association has successfully organized workshops on topics such as investigational skills for counterfeit drugs, legal drafting, blood center inspections, medical devices rules, good regulatory practices, labeling of drugs, and more, in Chhattisgarh, Tripura, Rajasthan, Telangana, J&K, and now in Delhi.

The workshops have been well-received, benefitting the members of the association and regulators across the country, with the aim of enhancing patient safety.

DCOIWA extends its gratitude to the resource persons who have contributed to the various scientific programs in various States previously including:

DCOIWA’s Central Executive Committee has already conducted two EC meetings, and the association is launching a website to facilitate online life membership registration. Currently, DCOIWA has over 1,250 life members from 28 states and 7 Union Territories.

The association recently released a comprehensive diary for the year 2023, containing details of CDSCO, all state HODs, drug control officers’ contact information, important forms, websites, and more.

The distribution of these diaries received widespread appreciation, as they have facilitated communication and knowledge exchange among officers across India regarding spurious drug detections, non-standard quality drugs, and queries from senior subject experts.

DCOIWA has also established state chapters, with 27 chapters already formed, and the remaining chapters under development.

As the president of DCOIWA, G. Koteshwar Rao has visited most states, except Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Mizoram, and Manipur, to motivate members, explain the concept of DCOIWA, and conduct workshops on the second Saturday of every month.

The association has also committed to organizing an annual congress cum workshop on the second Saturday of July each year, at various locations across the country.

To recognize the contributions and achievements of individuals in the field, DCOIWA has decided to award a Lifetime Achievement Award and the Pallavi Memorial Best Drugs Control Officer (male & female) every year. The association has partnered with the Pallavi Banoth Memorial Welfare Trust for the latter award.

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