Pharma Industry seeks faster export of Cough Syrups to Counter China’s Growing Dominance

The SMPMA's plea to the regulatory authorities is driven by the industry's urgent need for streamlined processes.

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Export of Cough Syrups

The Small and Medium Pharma Manufacturers Association (SMPMA) is urging Indian regulatory authorities, specifically the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), to expedite the export of cough syrups from India.

This plea comes in response to the growing threat of losing business to China in the global market.

Leveraging National Accreditation for Swift Exports

To combat this challenge, the SMPMA is proposing a solution that involves the utilization of Certificates of Analysis (COA) issued by NABL-accredited private testing laboratories in India.

By allowing the export of cough syrups based on COAs from these accredited labs, the association believes that India can effectively protect its market share against China’s exports.

SMPMA Advocates for Action

Nipun Jain, Chairman of SMPMA, emphasizes the urgency of this matter. He asserts that allowing the export of cough syrups based on COAs issued by NABL accredited private labs would be a speedy solution to the issue.

Jain also calls for the DGFT to grant permission for multiple accredited private labs across India to meet the demands of exporters promptly.

This move, he believes, would enable exporters to ensure timely testing and issuance of COAs, benefiting overall export activities.

Bridging the Gap and Staying Competitive

The SMPMA is dedicated to enhancing its competitive stance to seize opportunities in pharmaceutical exports, including cough syrups.

Recognizing that countries like China are progressing in their export endeavors due to faster clearance processes, SMPMA is advocating for a solution that streamlines the testing and certification process.

Government Regulation and Industry Challenges

DGFT’s notification dated May 22, 2023, and the corresponding instructions from the DCGI mandate that cough syrups intended for export undergo mandatory testing by accredited government laboratories to obtain COAs before shipping.

However, the SMPMA points out that these accredited government labs are currently experiencing significant backlogs, leading to prolonged delays in export clearances.

Impact on Export Performance

The delays in clearance from accredited government laboratories have been detrimental to the export performance of the pharmaceutical sector.

These setbacks are causing export orders to be canceled due to agreement timelines not being met or cough syrups reaching their shelf-life cutoff before being shipped.

Taking Action for the Industry’s Growth

The SMPMA’s plea to the regulatory authorities is driven by the industry’s urgent need for streamlined processes.

By enabling the use of COAs from NABL accredited private testing labs for exports, the association aims to bolster the pharmaceutical sector’s export activities and secure India’s position in the global market, while avoiding losing ground to competitors like China.

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