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Drugs seized

In a recent development, the Uttar Pradesh drug department has taken a significant step in curbing potential irregularities in the pharmaceutical sector and the huge quantities of drugs seized.

Officials revealed that they have apprehended a Nigerian national residing in Greater Noida, amid suspicions of engaging in the smuggling of medicines and injections.

The individual intended to dispatch these medical supplies to Nigeria. Notably, the seized items encompass a diverse array of pharmaceuticals, totaling 20 different types.

These include essential medications such as anti-cancer drugs and injections aimed at improving blood quality.

Authorities have promptly collected samples of the seized medicines to ascertain whether they are adulterated, thereby ensuring public safety.

Uncovering the Seizure:

The operation to seize the medicines occurred, targeting the Nigerian national who professed to possess valid prescriptions for the medications.

The drugs themselves were procured from the well-known Bhagirath Palace in Delhi, and officials have initiated the process of acquiring the associated bills from the drug suppliers.

The meticulous evaluation of these bills alongside the pharmaceutical products serves the purpose of verification and due diligence.

Gautam Buddh Nagar Drug Inspector, Vaibhav Babbar conveyed to PTI that an intriguing aspect was discovered during this scrutiny.

The bills were registered under different names, yet the volumes of medicines acquired vastly exceeded the prescribed quantities.

For instance, if a patient’s prescription required a mere two injections, an astounding 200 injections were purchased.

This pattern persisted with tablets as well, where a prescription for four tablets somehow translated into the purchase of a staggering four hundred tablets.

Suspicions and Aims of the Seizure:

Amidst the unfolding of this investigation, officials have raised concerns about the intended destination of these medicines.

It is suspected that the Nigerian national aimed to transport these pharmaceuticals to Nigeria with the intent of resale.

Consequently, the seizure operation was conducted not only to probe the legality of this potential export activity but also to assess the quality and authenticity of the medicines themselves.

Vaibhav Babbar underlined that no arrests have been made or any police FIR filed in relation to this case.

He asserted that any forthcoming legal actions would hinge on the outcomes of the drug testing, a crucial determinant of the subsequent steps.

Residence Details:

The Nigerian national implicated in this investigation resides in the Gamma 1 sector of Greater Noida.

The location serves as a focal point of the investigation, raising questions about the nature of their involvement and potential network.


This unfolding scenario showcases the dedication of the Uttar Pradesh drug department to ensuring the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry.

By intercepting this attempt at potential medicine smuggling, authorities are not only safeguarding the interests of the local public but also preventing potential harm on a global scale.

The upcoming drug test results are poised to shed light on the legitimacy of these medicines and guide the course of any ensuing legal actions.

As the investigation continues, the focus remains on upholding transparency, legality, and public health.

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