Serious violations uncovered during Inspection of Medical Stores

The serious violations of Rule 65(18) of the Drugs Act of 1940 during inspections at at medical stores raises serious concerns and has several implications

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Serious violations

Health First Medical Stores, with locations in Secunderabad’s Warasiguda and Secunderabad, came under investigation during a recent operation by the Drug Enforcement Team due to serious violations.

This operation was carried out under the vigilant supervision of Assistant Director D. Saritha and with the assistance of G. Anil Reddy, the Drugs Inspector for Malakapet.

The inspection revealed a significant breach of regulations pertaining to the storage and exhibition of drugs.

In this article, we delve into the details of the operation and its implications.

Discovery of Regulatory Non-Compliance:

During the thorough inspection of Health First Medical Stores, the Drug Enforcement Team uncovered a serious violation of regulations under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules framed thereunder (The Drugs Act).

1. The following key findings were made:

16 Varieties of Telangana Government Supply Drugs:

Within the premises of the store, inspectors discovered a stockpile of 16 different varieties of Telangana Government Supply Drugs. These medications were clearly marked “Govt supply drugs, not for Sale.”

2. Mixing Non-Saleable Drugs with saleable Drugs:

Contrary to pharmaceutical regulations outlined in Rule 65(18) of the Drugs Act of 1940, the discovered drugs were intermingled with other salable drugs on the store’s racks.

Implications of the serious violations:

The serious violation of Rule 65(18) of the Drugs Act of 1940 raises serious concerns and has several implications:

1. Legal Consequences:

Such serious violations of the Drugs Act regulations can result in legal repercussions for Health First Medical Stores and its responsible parties.

2. Risk to Public Health:

Mixing non-saleable drugs with those meant for consumers could pose a significant risk to public health and safety.

3. Loss of Reputation:

The discovery of this violation may harm the reputation of the store within the pharmaceutical industry and among its clientele.

Official Action Taken:

To address this violation and ensure proper accountability, the Drugs Inspector, B. Govind Singh, seized all 16 varieties of drugs under Form 16.

The action was meticulously documented through a panchanama.

This official action was necessary to safeguard public health and enforce pharmaceutical regulations.


The inspection and subsequent action taken against Health First Medical and General Stores serve as a reminder of the importance of adherence to the Drugs Act regulations.

The violation uncovered during this operation highlights the need for stringent oversight and compliance within the pharmaceutical industry.

Further investigations may shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this breach of regulations.

This development serves as a reminder to all pharmaceutical establishments to adhere strictly to the established rules and guidelines governing their operations to ensure the safety and well-being of the public.

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