Govt Job: For Pharmacists under Office of the CMHO

Govt Job
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Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by The Health Master

Govt Job

Govt Job: In a recent development, the Director (Non-Gazetted) of Medical and Health Services in Rajasthan has announced multiple job openings for the positions of Pharmacist, Lab Technician, and Assistant Radiographer.

This comes in reference to Jaipur’s official letter number Araj/UTB/2023/392 dated August 4, 2023.

The recruitment process, initiated on 10.09.2020, has been diligently carried out by the U.T.B., culminating in the issuance of release number Institution/Contract/2023/770 dated 10.08.2023 for inviting applications, which were accepted until 17.08.2023.

Picture: Pixabay

Important Updates

The Director has further communicated vital information regarding the selection and preference criteria for candidates from both new and old districts.

This directive, outlined in Jaipur’s letter number Araj/UTB/2023/333 dated September 6, 2023, emphasizes the need for separate preparations district-wise.

However, in light of this new development, the previously issued release number Institution/Contract/2023/770 dated August 10, 2023, which invited applications until August 17, 2023, has been officially rescinded.

Position Details


Number of Posts: 29


Selection Process and Preferences

  1. Local candidates, hailing from Sikar and Neemkathana districts, will be accorded a distinct preference in the selection process.
  2. The appointment of candidates to the vacant posts will be contingent upon availability, extending until March 31, 2024, or until regular personnel become available, whichever occurs earlier.
  3. U.T.B. Recruitment will be conducted based on experience-related bonus marks, aligning with the Rajasthan Medical and Health Subordinate Services Rules 1965, and subsequent amendments and recruitment guidelines.
  4. Reservation policies will be adhered to as per established norms.
  5. Candidates with prior contracts or ad hoc temporary service under state government schemes during the Corona period (22.03.2020 to 13.02.2022) will receive bonus points:
    • Less than 2 years of service: 15 bonus points
    • 2 years or more but less than three years: At least 20 bonus points
    • Three years or more of service: 30 bonus points
  6. Candidates with contract or ad hoc temporary service, excluding the Corona period, will receive bonus points based on their tenure:
    • One year of service: 10 bonus points
    • Two years of service: 20 bonus points
    • Three years or more of service: 30 bonus points
  7. Candidates are responsible for calculating and entering their bonus marks in the online form. Experience certificates from private institutions will not be considered for bonus points.
  8. The U.T.B. Recruitment process will adhere to releases issued by the State Health and Family Welfare Institute for the specified posts in 2023.
  9. The committee reserves the right to make final decisions regarding post adjustments and any other pertinent matters.

Application Deadline

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications by September 18, 2023, before 5:30 p.m.

Seize this opportunity to contribute to the esteemed Medical and Health Services of Rajasthan.

Apply now!

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