Case filed against NRHM officials for procuring NSQ Drugs

NSQ Drugs Substandard drugs Fail samples NSQ Samples Substandard samples
NSQ Drugs

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by The Health Master

NSQ Drugs

NSQ Drugs: In a significant development, the Puducherry Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) has initiated legal proceedings against officials associated with the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

The case revolves around the procurement of substandard drugs (NSQ Drugs) in 2019, resulting in a staggering loss of approximately Rs 44,03,252 to the government.

Shockingly, this incident also led to health complications for children and expectant mothers.

Unveiling the Allegations

Marie Josphin Chitra, an officer from the health department, brought the matter to light through a recent complaint.

It was revealed that Sairam Agency of Uruvaiyaru and Sri Batmajothi Enterprises of Kurumampet were the two entities responsible for the supply of these drugs.

The drugs in question were distributed to pregnant women through Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres, and educational institutions.

NSQ Drugs Unmasked

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that these drugs exhibited alarming signs of NSQ Drugs:

1. Sediments and Pungent Odor:

The drugs were found to contain sediment and emit an unpleasant, pungent smell, indicating severe quality concerns.

2. Adverse Reactions in Children:

Vitamin A solutions, a critical supplement for children, were found to be intolerant, causing episodes of vomiting and potential harm to young recipients.

3. Efficacy and Color Changes:

The drugs demonstrated efficacy issues and underwent undesirable changes in color, further raising doubts about their quality and safety.

The Catalog of NSQ Drugs

The range of compromised drugs included:

  • Iron and Folic Acid Tablets
  • Syrup and Injections
  • Calcium Plus D3 Tablets
  • Iron Sucrose Injections
  • Oral Glucose

Internal Inquiry Unearths Irregularities

In 2021, the health department conducted an internal inquiry that shed light on a series of irregularities in the procurement process.

As a consequence, both Sairam Agency and Sri Batmajothi Enterprises were blacklisted for a three-year period.

Furthermore, it was discovered that these agencies were operated by the spouse and an associate of the pharmacist, S. Natarajan.

Notably, Natarajan was subsequently dismissed from service, though no criminal actions were taken against any of the implicated parties.

Turning the Tide: DVAC Steps In

The recent complaint from the health department, issued at the behest of the Chief Secretary—who also serves as the chief vigilance officer of Puducherry—prompted the DVAC to take action.

In accordance with the complaint, the DVAC has registered a case under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, and various sections of the IPC against Natarajan and other NRHM officials.

The charges include cheating and criminal breach of trust.

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