Govt Job: For Pharmacovigilance Associate at IPC

The deadline for submission is 6th December 2023, closing at 5:30 PM.

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Govt Job

Govt Job

The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), an Autonomous Institution of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and standards of drugs in the country.

Established with the primary function of updating drug standards required for prevalent diseases, IPC contributes significantly to the healthcare system.

Mission and Functions of IPC

The core mission of IPC revolves around setting and updating drug standards to ensure the quality and efficacy of medicines used in the treatment of various diseases.

This is accomplished through the regular publication of the Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP), an official document that serves as a reference for drug standards.

In addition to this, IPC promotes the rational use of generic medicines by publishing the National Formulary of India.

This initiative aims to provide healthcare professionals with guidelines for the appropriate use of generic drugs, enhancing accessibility and affordability.

Govt Pharma Pharmacist Job Opportunity
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IP and Quality of Medicines

The Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) plays a crucial role in prescribing standards for the identity, purity, and strength of drugs.

This ensures that the medicines meet the required quality benchmarks from a healthcare perspective, safeguarding the well-being of both humans and animals.

Ensuring the quality of medicines is essential for effective treatment outcomes and the overall success of public health initiatives.

IPC’s dedication to maintaining these standards reflects its commitment to the well-being of the population.

Job Opportunity: Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate

If you are passionate about contributing to the healthcare sector, here’s an exciting opportunity at IPC.

The position of Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate is currently open for applications. Candidates with qualifications such as Pharm.D, MBBS, BDS, or a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, and Clinical Research are invited to apply.

Job Responsibilities

The selected candidate will be responsible for various pharmacovigilance activities, including liaison with Public Health Programmes, management, and analysis of Adverse Events, and coordination with international bodies like WHO-SEARO & WHO Headquarters.

Additionally, the Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate will play a vital role in assisting IPC & CDSCO in developing risk minimization-related training.

General Instructions for Applicants

The tenure of the contract for the Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate position is one year.

However, the competent authority reserves the right to terminate services if the work and conduct of the staff are found unsatisfactory during the contract period.

Applicants should be aware of the general instructions provided, including the authority’s right to adjust the number of vacancies, the interview process, and the non-payment of TA/DA.

It is crucial for candidates to submit accurate information, as any later discovery of false information may result in the cancellation of candidature/appointment.

Interested candidates should submit their applications online through the provided Google Form link. The deadline for submission is 6th December 2023, closing at 5:30 PM.

In conclusion, the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission stands as a cornerstone in ensuring the quality and standards of medicines in the country.

The opportunity for a Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate underscores the commitment to pharmacovigilance activities and further strengthening the healthcare system.

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  1. How often does IPC update the drug standards in the Indian Pharmacopoeia?
    • IPC regularly updates drug standards to align with prevalent diseases and evolving healthcare needs.
  2. What soft skills are essential for the Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate position?
    • Expert knowledge of English in verbal and written communication is crucial for the role.
  3. Can candidates with experience beyond one year apply for the Jr. Pharmacovigilance Associate position?
    • Experience and age criteria may be relaxed at the discretion of the competent authority.
  4. Is it mandatory for IPC or the Manpower Outsourcing Service Agency to call applicants for an interview?
    • It is not obligatory to call every applicant for an interview; preference may be given based on desirable experience.
  5. What documents are required for verification during the interview process?
    • Shortlisted candidates must produce original documents supporting their educational qualifications and experience.

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