DCOIWA successfully organised workshop on Risk Based Inspection: Ahmedabad


Last Updated on December 25, 2023 by The Health Master

Risk Based Inspection

In a commendable move to align Indian drug manufacturing with global standards, the Drug Control Officers (I) Welfare Association (DCOIWA) recently organized a successful workshop titled ‘Risk based Inspection‘ (RBI) at Manufacturing Sites in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Live streaming of workshop

The DCOIWA workshop was live-streamed on the YouTube channel. Click here to view the recording.

Background of DCOIWA

DCOIWA, an organization committed to the welfare of drug control officers, has been actively working to elevate standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

This workshop is part of their ongoing series conducted across states where pharmaceutical industries thrive.

Workshop Series

The Ahmedabad workshop on Risk Based Inspection” marks the seventh national workshop organized by DCOIWA in the last two years.

Previous workshops were held at following places, showcasing the broad reach and impact of these initiatives:

  • Jaipur,
  • Agartala,
  • Raipur,
  • Srinagar,
  • New Delhi,
  • Hyderabad.

Growth and Impact

The broad reach of DCOIWA’s initiatives is evident from the diverse locations of the workshops, indicating a positive impact on drug manufacturing standards.

Event Details

The workshop in Ahmedabad commenced with participant registration at 9:30 AM, followed by the inaugural session at Hotel TGB on S G Highway.

Participants and Dignitaries

Dr. Hemant G Koshia, Commissioner of the Gujarat (Food and Drugs Control Administration) FDCA, graced the event as the chief guest, with Dr. SP Adesara, former FDCA commissioner, as the guest of honor.

DCOIWA’s national president G Koteshwar Rao, Gujarat chapter president, VD Dobariya, and Joint Secretary cum founder member Rakesh Dahiya also addressed the audience.

Lalit Kr Goel, Deputy Drugs Controller, FDA Haryana, Ravikant Sharma, Deputy Drugs Controller India were present on the Diaz.

Pre-Lunch Session

Before lunch, Dr. A Ramakrishnan, deputy drugs controller at CDSCO Hyderabad office, spoke on ‘Good Regulatory Practices.’

Post-Lunch Session

After lunch, RK Harna former, Asstt Drugs Controller, FDA Haryana, spoke on the topic “Legal Drafting of documents.”

Conclusion of the event

The workshop concluded with Dr. A H Zala, general secretary of DCOIWA Gujarat chapter, expressing gratitude.

The said event was also attended by many retired officers from FDCA Gujarat.

Koteshwar Rao shared that the workshop was attended by approximately 200 enforcement officials from central and state regulatory departments including the drug laboratory, Ahmedabad.

Aim of the Workshop

The primary aim is to enhance the knowledge and standards of drug regulatory officers nationwide.

Commitment of DCOIWA

In conclusion, DCOIWA’s commitment to elevating drug manufacturing standards is evident through its series of workshops.

Collaborative Efforts

These initiatives, coupled with the collaborative efforts of regulatory bodies, aim to ensure the highest quality and safety of pharmaceutical products in India.

Impact on Pharmaceutical Products

These initiatives contribute significantly to the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products in India.


In conclusion, the efforts of DCOIWA to improve drug manufacturing standards are commendable.

The workshops serve as a crucial platform for knowledge enhancement and collaboration among regulatory officers, ultimately benefiting the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring the safety of medicinal products.

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