USFDA issues EIR to Indoco Remedies for Goa Plant-1

Reflecting on the potential impact of this USFDA inspection success on the pharmaceutical industry and discussing the future prospects for Indoco Remedies.

USFDA Inspection audit
USFDA Inspection


Indoco Remedies Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company based in India, recently achieved a significant milestone by receiving the Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) from the USFDA for the Pre-Approval Inspection (PAI) conducted at its manufacturing facility in Goa.

In this article, we delve into the details of this accomplishment, the background of Indoco Remedies, the inspection process, and its impact on the company’s future.

I. EIR to Indoco

A. Overview of the News

The announcement of Indoco Remedies Limited securing the EIR for the PAI conducted in October 2023 marks a pivotal moment for the company and the pharmaceutical industry at large.

B. Significance of the EIR

Understanding the importance of the EIR in the context of pharmaceutical regulations and its role in ensuring adherence to global standards.

II. Background of Indoco Remedies Limited

A. Brief History and Profile

A concise look at the history and profile of Indoco Remedies Limited, highlighting its growth and contributions to the pharmaceutical sector.

B. Global Presence and Commitment to Quality

Exploring Indoco’s presence in 55 countries and its unwavering commitment to maintaining high-quality standards globally.

III. Details of the Pre-Approval Inspection (PAI)

A. Location and Facility Details

Insight into the specific manufacturing facility in Goa, including its address and key characteristics.

B. Timeframe of the Inspection

Understanding when the inspection took place and the duration of the evaluation process.

C. Number of Drug Product Applications (ANDAs) Involved

Details on the scope of the PAI, focusing on the two drug product applications (ANDAs) that were part of the inspection.

IV. Observations and Company’s Response

A. Nature of Observations

A closer look at the observations made during the PAI and their significance in the inspection process.

B. Comprehensive Addressal by Indoco Remedies

How Indoco Remedies proactively addressed the observations, showcasing their commitment to quality and compliance.

C. Timely Closure of the Inspection

Highlighting the efficiency of Indoco Remedies in addressing concerns within the stipulated time, leading to the successful closure of the inspection.

V. Impact on Approvals

A. Expected Approvals for the Two ANDAs

Anticipating the approval of the two drug product applications (ANDAs) and their potential impact on Indoco Remedies.

B. Implications for Indoco Remedies and the Pharmaceutical Market

Examining how the successful closure of the inspection could influence the company’s standing in the market and the broader pharmaceutical industry.

VI. Statement from Aditi Panandikar

A. Managing Director’s Perspective

Insights from Aditi Panandikar, the managing director of Indoco Remedies, on the company’s commitment to providing affordable access to high-quality products globally.

B. Commitment to Quality and Global Standards

Emphasizing Indoco Remedies’ dedication to maintaining global standards of quality and compliance in the pharmaceutical sector.

VII. Overview of Indoco Remedies

A. Fully Integrated, Research-oriented Pharmaceutical Company

Exploring Indoco’s identity as a fully integrated, research-oriented pharmaceutical company and its unique positioning in the industry.

B. Presence in 55 Countries

Highlighting the extensive global presence of Indoco Remedies, indicating its reach and influence on a global scale.

C. Company’s Turnover and Human Capital

Providing key financial and human capital statistics, showcasing the company’s financial health and the strength of its workforce.

VIII. Manufacturing Facilities

A. Number and Types of Facilities

Details on the nine manufacturing facilities operated by Indoco Remedies, distinguishing between finished dosage forms (FDFs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

B. Role of R&D Centre and CRO Facility

Understanding the significance of Indoco’s state-of-the-art Research and Development (R&D) Centre and Contract Research Organization (CRO) facility in supporting its manufacturing operations.

Disclaimer: This article contains information derived from the source mentioned below. Our team utilized an AI language model to rewrite and present the news or article in a unique format.


  1. Is the Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) a standard requirement for pharmaceutical companies? Yes, the EIR is a crucial document issued by regulatory bodies like the US FDA, indicating the successful closure of an inspection and adherence to quality standards.
  2. How many countries does Indoco Remedies operate in? Indoco Remedies has a presence in 55 countries, showcasing its global reach and influence.
  3. What is the significance of the Pre-Approval Inspection (PAI) for pharmaceutical companies? The PAI is a critical step in the approval process for new drug products, ensuring that manufacturing facilities meet regulatory standards before product approval.
  4. How many manufacturing facilities does Indoco Remedies have? Indoco Remedies operates nine manufacturing facilities, including six for finished dosage forms (FDFs) and three for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  5. What role does the R&D Centre and CRO facility play in Indoco Remedies’ operations? The state-of-the-art R&D Centre and CRO facility support Indoco Remedies’ manufacturing operations by fostering innovation and research in pharmaceuticals.

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